I am thankful…. 3

I really like some of the qualities of my FIL. He is very fair (not talking about complexion here).I mean I have seen people who behaves in two different ways with their family and their wife’s family. But my FIL’s thoughts and actions are same no matter whose relatives they are. There is absolutely no “mapillai murukku” . I can never find out if it is his side relative or my MIL’s from his actions which I think is a very great quality.

I want to thank him for so many things but I will list recent 3 events here.

My close cousin brothers stay in chennai.They wanted to come and visit us. Usually my phone will be on silent mode when volt is sleeping and that day B’s phone was also silent. My brothers tried calling us both to inform that they were coming but we missed the calls. Finally when we checked the calls and called them back it was late and so they could not come. When my FIL came to know about this  he felt really bad. He kept talking about that for next few days. He was genuinely feeling bad and I did not expect it at all.I mean even I didnot feel so sad . He has a big heart.

Then last sunday they came home with my aunt. I wanted to spend some time with them so I fed volt and was ready. But she was little fussy that evening and I had to feed. My MIL had to prepare dinner.My FIL spoke with them for some time and went in to read magazines thus leaving us alone to talk. Then I had to go in to feed volt, I felt little bad to leave them alone and thought of switching on the TV so that they don’t get bored.But my FIL came out and sat with them and gave them company till I finished my work.It was really sweet of him to do that. I felt very good . I am sure my brothers also felt comfortable.

My mother had to board a day train to go to our hometown. My chithi and mama families told her that they will meet her at station.It was a big family trip involving my amma and her siblings.My mom was leaving from my (IL’s) house. So she asked my chithi to pack food for her too.But my Fil told me to pack some food for amma from here even after I told him that chithi is bringing food. His idea was to pack and take some food from here so that every one can share and have a variety of food , making the journey even more fun. And my MIL packed tasty lemon rice in a big dabba early in the morning on a working day. Amma said everyone in the train enjoyed it.

All these are very small small things when you read it but it makes a big difference to someone.All three times I really really felt very happy,blessed.You don’t have to spend thousands to make someone happy. A little consideration and extra bit of love is enough.Most often, only these little things bring out great joy.

Big thanks to my FIL 🙂


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  1. well if you join the small small small things they become a big thing.. I believe in that always .. its always the small things that matter the most..

    what a good human being.. please do extend my regards ..

  2. hey SS, how are you and how is baby volt? I have been reading on and off but was not able to comment all the time.. hope your feeding sessions are better now.. I had this thrush problem while feeding LHB.. If they crack often and very painful, talk to your obgyn/pediatric and consider applying the lactobacillus ointment.. it helps temporarily..
    glad to read about your FIL.. he sounds more like my FIL.. May he stay healthy and happy for many many more years.. I love these kind of people who spread positivity around..
    take care and tight hugs to Volt.. please email me her pics.. please…

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