Maya nominated me for this Award, I think she is too kind 🙂 Thanks dear!!

I have been wanting to write about the changes that I/others see in me these days but I have been procrastinating. That is when she tagged me and asked to write about “Mama SS”. Thanks for asking Maya .


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7 “new” things about me :-

1. Amma says I have more patience now. I don’t know how I am with others but with amma I never make an effort to hide my anger.I shout almost immediately. I think this is something only my mother has seen. I feel ashamed as I am typing this but that is the truth. But these days I think before acting stupid. Though try sincerely many times I show my anger first and almost  immediately repent and try to undo it by konjifying her.

Not just anger,these days I think more about how she would feel. I can say that I am becoming over protective of her. If something happens I try hard to make sure that she isn’t hurt.I did all these before too but these days it happens too often and it is too obvious.

2. Some days I just suddenly realize that I am a mother now 😀 One afternoon I even sent a message on whatsapp to my friends saying “Naan amma ayiten” (I have become a mother). I think it was sometime last week.

3. Sometimes I feel I have become more matured. Like for example If I want to do something for Volt I would prefer to do it in one way but the elders do it in another way which is not bad but something I would not have wanted.Instead of getting tensed I try to reason and accept their way, their way of showing their love for volt.

4. The Universal law holds true in our house too– volt cries/wakes up/poops when I am hungry/sleepy/wanting to do nothing. So I eat/sleep/watch TV when she is asleep.These days if  B wants me to do something he tries to frighten me saying ” Idha pannalana en adiyaala (volt) ezhupi vituduven” (Do it else I will wake up volt). I immediately imagine volt in a lungi baniyan like a rowdy and laugh at my imagination 😀

5. The news of children getting killed in Gaza/Telangana accident, any news that speaks about violence against children affects me more these days.It affected me before too but these days I find it very difficult to sleep.

6. When I was pregnant I kept dreaming of putting Volt to sleep by singing nice songs.  I am very bad at remembering lyrics.Very very bad. So all I do is hum. In reality, Volt remains wide awake when I sing and as soon as I stop she sleeps off . But I refuse to learn the lesson and want to continue my humming

7. My hair is falling and belly is growing at an alarming rate !!!

Thanks again Maya.

For all the Ponniyin Selvan fans out there, Kalki magazine is going to print ponniyin selvan story again with illustrations starting from 3rd august ,2014. So go and subscribe for it. I think it is going to run for 4 years.





An Interview – Part 1

Interviewer : Hello Madam. First of all thanks for taking  time out of your busy schedule for us. We really appreciate.Even though this show is called “Very Frankly Shouting”  people are not that open these days. They infact come with a list of topics that we should/should not touch during the interview. Do you have any such list ?

Me: (Smiling) Thanks. And no I don’t have any such list. You can ask me anything.If I don’t want to answer I will say something which nobody can understand.So we are good to go.

Interviewer : Great.What is your day like in general?

Me: Well I wake up very early. These days around 3:30 AM and first thing I do is wake everyone up .Mornings should be active according to me.Once everyone is up we all sit together and have a nice talk. Nobody even moves for a coffee until it is 6.We talk about lot of things and at the same time I start my early morning yoga followed by “morning duties” you know.

Interviewer : Wow. In todays world where people hardly have time for family you all wake up early to have a quality family time? I am impressed. You said yoga. What all you do?

Me: Hmm.. hahah Nothing much really. First I lie down and raise both my legs and very quickly turn to my right. Then slowly I turn my waist to my right. Good for your waist! Then after few minutes I turn my tummy and upper body too.Its a complicated exercise because your whole body will be turned like you are sleeping on your tummy except the head which is still facing sideways. (Turns to look at the camera) Fans If you try this at home please do it with adult supervision because you may get stuck and need help from others to turn back to normal. After that heavy one  I do some light exercise like taking both my hands and keeping it in me mouth.It helps to calm you down , research says!!

Interviewer : Interesting! Thanks for sharing those tips with us. We all know that you have a busy day, Do you have visitors? You must be having a lot of course, but how do you manage your time?

Me: (blushes) My nap time and eating time are very important to me.I call it “Quality Time”.True that I have lot of fans visiting me at home. Initially it was very difficult.If they came during my Quality Time it spoilt my mood.I sometimes shout at the top of my voice (blushes again) But no matter how I behave my visitors have a big heart.They always give me some presents and leave my home with a smile. They never complain  (but my manager does you know, she says nobody gets her anything- Don’t know what to say. I mean I am the celebrity here right..why should she get a present is..uff.. beyond me). My manager takes good care of them. At this point I should appreciate my manager. Because of her, now, there are not many visitors who interrupt my quality time. She plans my day so well that at the end of the day both the visitor and I stay happy.

Interviewer : That’s nice. About the execrcise again. You said there is a chance of getting stuck. What do you do then?

Me: Hahahahaha…What else… I shout so loud that even people in next street will wake up and tadaa my darling manager comes to the rescue. hahahahaha…haiinnnnn

Interviewer : (Gives a confused smile) OK.What do you think is your best feature? What is that you do that attracts so many people? Can you share the secret?

Me: Yeah sure. Simple.I am adorable..hahahaha and I smile a lot. A huge wide grin that is!

Interviewer : Wow I just have to smile to attract people? Is it that simple?

Me: mmm Yes and NO. Yes you have to smile. But sometimes it is tricky.You just have to be really quick . You should flash your big smile even before they start talking. That way they forget what they were about to say but still feel that it was their joke which brought such a huge sweet smile on you.Good for both you know (winks).I do that a lot with my manager.Yeah she is really bad at cracking jokes but I anyway please her with my smiles.

Interviewer : What do you do during your free time?

Me: OK. I don’t know what that means but I like to stare at the curtains, the ceiling fan , my grandmothers’ colorful sarees and my manager’s face (especially during my quality time she is pretty I think). The graceful movement of these brought by gentle breeze calms my mind. Sometimes I forget myself and start talking to curtains and ceiling fans . Amazing stress buster. You should try it!

Interview : Eh.. umm sure I will try….umm ….talking to the curtains..uh..uh (a weak smile)

Me: I know what you think. I know. Sometimes there won’t be enough wind to move the curtains. Again my manager comes to the rescue. She dangles some colorful clothes and positions the pedestal fan. Man I love those. I can spend even an hour watching and talking to those flying clothes, you know(looks far far away)

Interview: Your manager is a very talented person I suppose. She knows you well.

Me: Not really. As I told you before , taking naps is a very important quality time for me. But I don’t like to lie down you see. No matter how sleepy I feel,I like to sit. I have been asking her to find out a way to help me take a nap in a sitting position with my eyes open. She is not at all helpful. She says I can do it only when I go to a college. She is talented and all but there is really a room for improvement.

Interviewer : True True. (Facing the audience) Thanks to all who have been watching this interview patiently. Now since Miss volt wants to spend some quality time and also taking into consideration the wellness of eardrums of neighbours, we will take a short break. We will be back soon , stay tuned!!!

2014 and Books

Compared to last year, this year has been good so far when it comes to reading. The first three months since I was pregnant I was being watched – what I was reading – what was the book about and everything !!! People did not want me to have bad dreams. I read Swamy and his friends, few Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books and I loved them(The dreams anyway were very strange).

I read Sita and then Charlotte’s web and loved it.

After delivery I read “The hunger games” series. First two books were very interesting. I could not put the book down but the last one was not upto my expectation. I really expected the heroine’s character to evolve but was slightly disappointed.

One of my friends gave me “Heat Wave” (Castle TV series) . It was just like watching the series so I dropped it half way and started watching the series itself.

While searching for free books in Amazon I found “Trouble in mudbug (A ghost in law series) and Louisiana Longshot (A Miss Fortune Series) by jana DeLeon. Both had very good reviews so I started reading and instantly fell in love with the author especially for the ‘A Miss fortune series’. I downloaded other books too in these series and loved each and every book. The ghost in law series has a ghost as a main character and she is super fun. In Miss Fortune series a CIA agent teams up with couple of old women and solves murder mysteries and the deeds they do to solve each mystery,so much fun , I really laughed a lot. My amma had to snatch the books from me so that I could get some sleep 😛

I started Love in the time of cholera but did not complete it. I will restart that now I guess. And there are couple more books waiting. Hoping to read more in second half of 2014 🙂



Sleepless, Speechless

I could not sleep last night.

First of all in the morning itself I was disturbed after seeing some pictures from Gaza. Innocent Children, Innocent people getting killed brutally.

Then in the afternoon heard the Bangalore news , it was very very disturbing. 6 year olds can fall from a tree and get hurt or ride a bicycle and get hurt but this?? I am so so…arrrrrrrr.If a child is not safe inside a school during school hours then what do we do?who do we trust? Where do we all go?

And before I went to bed saw the news about Malaysian Airlines. Why? Looks like this world has more number of weapons than trees!



Random Ranganayaki – 6

Sometime back in this post I had written about a strange dream

Weird dreams are continuing. Once a puppy was following me wherever I went , even to the places where it cannot enter, it followed me magically. I arrange for a meeting with a bus full of strangers to find out how to stop that puppy. Before we could make the decision I woke up.

Actually I left out the climax of this dream. Reason was , I was pregnant then and I had not announced it here plus that part was really weird so I skipped it. This is what happened after that meeting in the bus. I gave birth to a puppy. Needless to say that I woke up in a shock.



With Volt sometimes I have all the patience in the world but sometimes I feel very confused if I can handle her well . Especially when she is cranky I have like one hundred doubts. I don’t know how my parents raised me without any help from grandparents. Really I don’t know.


I wanted to write something here but decided to make it as a separate post titled “Realisations after Volt” as there are too many.


I have started to walk, these days mornings are so pleasant with birds chirping and trees so green I am loving it. I don’t listen to songs while walking as the cuckoo in our garden sings so loud and beautiful 🙂 Don’t want to miss that.

Can’t wait to take volt outside and make her hear all these songs 🙂


Now that I wake up multiple times during night I should be remembering all my dreams but I am not able to recall any of it in the morning. Hmmppff.


Volt has a brand new cousin sister now 🙂 Yep She is Akka now 😀


I am reading Ghost-in-law series and A Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana DeLeon. Its very light and fun and I am loving it.


I wanted to write about Volt and her activities here but then dropped the idea . My chithi came today and she was telling me that we will soon forget these things which seem to be so big now and later when we see another baby we try to recall if we faced that too. That made me think and I have decided to write about Volt and her activities.


OK..That is all now. See you..Take care..

I am thankful…. 3

I really like some of the qualities of my FIL. He is very fair (not talking about complexion here).I mean I have seen people who behaves in two different ways with their family and their wife’s family. But my FIL’s thoughts and actions are same no matter whose relatives they are. There is absolutely no “mapillai murukku” . I can never find out if it is his side relative or my MIL’s from his actions which I think is a very great quality.

I want to thank him for so many things but I will list recent 3 events here.

My close cousin brothers stay in chennai.They wanted to come and visit us. Usually my phone will be on silent mode when volt is sleeping and that day B’s phone was also silent. My brothers tried calling us both to inform that they were coming but we missed the calls. Finally when we checked the calls and called them back it was late and so they could not come. When my FIL came to know about this  he felt really bad. He kept talking about that for next few days. He was genuinely feeling bad and I did not expect it at all.I mean even I didnot feel so sad . He has a big heart.

Then last sunday they came home with my aunt. I wanted to spend some time with them so I fed volt and was ready. But she was little fussy that evening and I had to feed. My MIL had to prepare dinner.My FIL spoke with them for some time and went in to read magazines thus leaving us alone to talk. Then I had to go in to feed volt, I felt little bad to leave them alone and thought of switching on the TV so that they don’t get bored.But my FIL came out and sat with them and gave them company till I finished my work.It was really sweet of him to do that. I felt very good . I am sure my brothers also felt comfortable.

My mother had to board a day train to go to our hometown. My chithi and mama families told her that they will meet her at station.It was a big family trip involving my amma and her siblings.My mom was leaving from my (IL’s) house. So she asked my chithi to pack food for her too.But my Fil told me to pack some food for amma from here even after I told him that chithi is bringing food. His idea was to pack and take some food from here so that every one can share and have a variety of food , making the journey even more fun. And my MIL packed tasty lemon rice in a big dabba early in the morning on a working day. Amma said everyone in the train enjoyed it.

All these are very small small things when you read it but it makes a big difference to someone.All three times I really really felt very happy,blessed.You don’t have to spend thousands to make someone happy. A little consideration and extra bit of love is enough.Most often, only these little things bring out great joy.

Big thanks to my FIL 🙂

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