I am thankful for… – 1

One of my resolution for 2014 is  “Being Thankful”. I had written this on Jan 1st..

 To be thankful , small or big , find a reason to be thankful everyday .
I am going to write it down in my blog – what I am thankful for.

When the 100 days of happiness challenge came up I really wanted to do it.But I knew that once baby volt is here I will be taking a break, so I did not take it up. Now I would like to do this “Thankfullness” challenge. I am not going to write everyday, but I will write as and when I feel grateful. I am hoping to write often.

Today I am Thankful  for the hot dosas my MIL made. Volt was up by 5:30 AM and she was active and playing till 10 AM.Around 10:30 she started crying so loud that nothing could pacify her. She was overtired and hungry too. I tried feeding her but since she was tired she refused.
After 20-25 minutes of cajoling she agreed to drink and slowly fell asleep on my lap. She is a very light sleeper,one small movement can wake her up. Because of all the struggle she went through to fall asleep I didnot want to move her. I was very hungry. My mil arranged two pillows for my back support and said she will bring the tiffin to bed.
She made dosa and chutney and brought it. She could have prepared 3-4dosas in a go and brought all 4. Instead she made one by one and brought it hot . Everytime she refilled my plate with chutney and curd .
For a tired hungry person those hot crispy dosa was a feast.
I thank her for that extra effort 🙂



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  1. hmmm right now that you have said it .. they say sharing is also Good.. so if you share I promise I will be also thankful to your MIL 🙂 he he he he and yeah a little bit to you too…

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