Another strange dream

When I have strange,weird dreams and tell my mom about that she always finds a connection between any recent activity in real and the dream , even if I dream about using a crane to dig a huge hole underground to park my car! But yesterday I had a very different dream and I could not find out any connection . There were lot of people, people from my school, college, relatives – none of them I am close with. They are just some people I know , no close interaction. And there were people and things from very different timelines.

Around 2 Am I woke up to check volt and realized I had a very different dream. It started like this. I am in a class room with a girl from my 10th standard class whom I have not seen/spoken to since 10th standard.We stare at each other for sometime and suddenly I get up and go to a room, the room resembles one of my relatives’ place. I am trying to assemble a breast pump there. Then one of my distant relative whom I have seen only once in reality comes and asks me to explain how the pump works. I explain everything and he goes away. I realize I am late for a class and my college HOD is taking that class.

Since I am late I decide to skip the class and stay back,Β when I try to pack the breast pump in its box, I find the piston missing. The relative has stolen it I think. Then again I decide to goto class anyway and when I ask the professor if I can come in , the professor now Β is Actor/comedian Sandhanam! He asks me to stay outside and Β laughs about it as if its a joke. I stand confused when I feel a hand on my back.When I turn its one of my best friend(the only person in this dream whom I am close with, talked to recently in reality). Then many girls from my college come running and they are all hugging her and I am just standing watching.

I know the dream continued after that but I am not able to recall now. When I was putting volt back to sleep at 2, I purposefully tried to recollect the dream so that I will remember in the morning.I managed to remember 75% of it I think.

What is surprising me is the people and things in this dream, shuttling between different times and majority of the people in this dream are almost forgotten in reality. Why did my brain pick up random things and connected them ? What triggered all these?

Human brain is a mystery!


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  1. good that volt is connected to ur dream and u r using breast pump in college also.. :P.. yes, certain dreams are really weird.. in one of my dreams i was seeing Air and trying to convince my friends around that i saw air.

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