Random Ranganayaki – 5

* I had my first outing with just B after a long time , to eye clinic  😡 .. seasonal infection it seems. I don’t know why it affects only me every single year!! grrrrr…

* There was a McRennett bakery just opposite to the clinic. It took all my energy not to go that shop.

* Volt had her first outing yesterday (other than going to hospital), we went to a temple.While going she was crying a bit, when coming back she slept . So all OK.

* When coming back from temple we were waiting at a signal. There were two guys on a bike standing so close to my window.The guy sitting behind had a biggg cake from McRennett on his lap. If B had agreed to drive little faster as soon as signal changed, nothing could have stopped me from quickly opening the window and snatching that cake from that guy !

* To everyone’s amazement volt was watching TV yesterday. OK, we are not so sure what she was watching, it could be one of these

The  TV , Nadal , Djokovic , white hat , a piece of paper flying in front of tv , two red lights on the stabilizer of our TV.

My vote is for those red lights while B wants to believe that his daughter already is into sports 🙄

* My mama and mami came today to see volt. They are one of the sweetest people I know.Though they were here for only 20 minutes I feel very good.

* Thunder, Lightning and rain in chennai. Another reason for my good mood today 🙂

* Its been so long since I visited a parlour that they definitely need a lawn mower now to give some shape to my eye brows.

* B shows really good expressions when volt makes funny noise. Sometimes its more fun to watch him react  😀




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  1. when it rains in chennai, FB is full of such masala vadai and me, iphone screenshot in 25 degrees. why u told abt mcrennet? I want now.

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