Since amma is upset…

…I am writing on behalf of her.

Amma wanted to write a post for a long time, finally today she typed one lengthy post, corrected all her typos (which was there in every other word including spaces !!) and finally by mistake pressed back button in her phone and now the post is lost. She is fuming. She said she herself will write it again later as she knows more details.

I am doing good.I can now pull my own hair and cry out of pain. Sadly I need someone else to pull my fingers out of my hair.I cry a lot and demand people to carry me. I am smart enough that when people bend down and bring their hands to lift me up I stop crying immediately.

Appa has improved too. He can now lift me without any help. He being tall I enjoy the new view of our home.I know appa’s voice very well,I pause for a second when he calls me.He calls me with funny names, no one can come up with such names!!

I like to pee/poo on amma. One day she ran out of dress to change šŸ˜€ , thanks to me.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I will respond to each and every comment little later.Tata Take care.


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