I am Volt*. I am new to this place and currently all I do is drink milk and sleep well.I stay awake for few minutes in between and the time is well spent in trying to chew my whole hand. Single finger does not satisfy me so I try to insert all 10 fingers. It hurts and I cry.I don’t know what else to do with my hands,so I chew with a loud ssup ssuppy noise.Everyone at home thinks it’s funny while I struggle to do my job.
Most of the times I sleep off while drinking milk. It’s a big challenge for Amma to feed me. One-day Amma got so upset and raised her voice trying to explain me how I should not fall asleep while feeding. I got upset too and pee-d on her,thrice 👿
Everyone says that I look more like my appa,only the doc said that I resemble Amma.I think she was just being nice to Amma. If you ask my appa he says that I look like raju from Chota bheem 🙄 . I don’t know from where my parents learnt about chota bheem! Parents these days!!
Some days I refuse to sleep simply because  I am not sleepy. My parents never get that. So what if it is 2am!! They try all possible ways to put me to sleep. My appa who was scared of my not-so-stable-yet head yesterday carried me all over the house to help me fall asleep. A proud moment for him. As  a token of appreciation I slept like a baby within few mins. Appa did it again today,I dozed off in Few seconds. Amma  is now looking at us very suspiciously.
Both my paati are super sweet. They do anything and everything for me.My thatha cannot see me crying. He gets tensed if I cry for more than 5 mins. sometimes  I cry just to tease him 👿
Special thanks to tharani aunty for  introducing me to blog world and super ssup-ssuppy kisses to Tharani , Maya , Bm and Rm aunties for special gifts.

* my Amma is an electrical engineer,she wanted to use her degree somewhere in her life 🙄


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