My To-Do list

I want to try more in cooking department.Forget other cuisines, there are so many dishes which my mom amd mil are very very good at. I want to try those first. Mor kootu,pulikachal,aviyal things like that. Most importantly pachamaavu podi upma and mor koozh.These two are my favourite. The sour taste and the smell of mor milagai…mmmm… heavenly πŸ™‚ . I tried once.It was such a flop that now I am strictly prohibited from trying 😦 I want to make different varieties of sambhar and rasam.I feel like I know only 3-4 types. My mom makes so many different types of rasam.I want to learn.I want to try.I want them to smell and taste exactly like my mom’s or mil’s, I mean when they prepare you feel hungry automatically.I want to be good in that.

I want to learn two-wheeler. I started learning few months back, but stopped. I want to start again. I want to drive with confidence.

I want to try a new hair style. Knowing my hair, it can never be styled . But I want to take risk and try once Smiley this ?? Smiley or this ??

I want to take out my violin and learn sincerely. I am sure I am not going to join any class again. I want to just learn by myself.There must be something on internet to help you learn right?

I want to decorate my home. Right now it has essentials.Nilkamal chair to sit, a cot to sleep, kitchen to cook, TV for time pass. But I want to add little more. Few photographs , few wall hangings , a comfortable sofa. Just little bit more.

I want to fill this sentence very badly – I am good at _________. No!! Eating does not qualify!!!!


20 thoughts on “My To-Do list

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  1. First things first, I love the header in the blog! Beautiful! πŸ™‚

    I can see that your to-do list is not so difficult to do, after all. One thing at a time and you should be there. All the best! πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely header SS πŸ™‚

    And I am voting for style number one! πŸ˜› *I am reminded of that Senthil Goundamani joke where Senthil has a similar haircut, not able to recollect the movie* **runs off before getting beating from SS** πŸ˜€

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