Advice yaarukku?

On phone…

Amma :-  Listen carefully. There would be many people coming. They will keep asking you so many questions. Be careful while you answer.

Me: OK ma

Amma:- Some people are just nosey. Don’t blabber everything.

Me: Seri ma.

Amma: You are young  kanna. You don’t know these people. I only have to teach you all these.

Me: Seri ma.. Understandinggggg, old kannaaa *giggling*

Amma: Ayyo, you are too naive. Not all people are good. Be polite but at the same time be firm.

Me: 🙄 ok ok ok

Amma: Think twice before saying anything.

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmm Smiley okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Smiley

Conversation continues for 10 more minutes and we talk about all other useless stuff. Later..

Amma: ok da..I want to tell this aunt x about xyz. I want to put my message strongly but at the same time I don’t want to be rude. <Amma tells me whatever she has prepared to tell aunt x> – does this sound ok?

Me : 🙄 🙄 🙄 *I edit Amma’s dialogue little bit and tell her *

Amma: Sounds better. OK take care and REMEMBER my advice .

Me: !!!!!

Sometimes I feel that she is too innocent and somehow I have to protect her. God Bless her.

** Advice for whom?


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