Simple things that make you happy – III

You discuss with your mother at 8 PM on phone with dosa ladle in one hand about whether you want 2 or 3 night pants, with or without cute flowers/design on it while poor B is waiting for the next dosa.

Your mother goes to the shop and calls you 5 times within 2 minutes to discuss various things about the night pant – comparing prices/sizes/design etc

You shout on phone saying 2 No! 3 No! 2 enough! No! No! 3 please , butterfly, red, nadaa, for big thoppai and a puzzled B asks what is all this about!

You go to bed early expecting the next day to come fast so that your mom brings that super cute night pants .

You get up at 6 on a weekend and ask your mom to come home soon.

You take bath early on a weekend šŸ˜Æ just to wear that pant giving lame excuses like ‘I am just checking the fitting,ok!” Ā (for night pants! šŸ™„ )

You walk /jump/skip around the house with all 32 teeth showing….

..only to hear B calling you a Ā “BUFFOON” – ha! Who cares ! I am a happy buffoon wearing a cute white night pant with colorful butterflies on it! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€



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  1. ha ha.. M says Adi and I cannot keep any new clothes without wearing for more than a day. forget about day even for few hours.. As a highlight, at recent shopping, Adi wore the pant, boots and jacket she bought at store itself.. new dress always brings in happiness na?

  2. *hi five SS* I am ditto same in this department. Yesterday I got new track pants for jogging, but wore the as soon as we came home. There is some joy that new clothes and trying immediately brings šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    P.S. Post a pic of your butterfly pajamas šŸ˜€

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