I wanted to sleep till 8 today but got up at 6 AM feeling too hungry. Got up,made breakfast, ate and then started preparing lunch straightaway- Biriyani, aloo capsicum fry,curd rice and boondi raita.

All was going well when at 11:45 AM I checked my phone , my friends were changing the plan from lunch to dinner. At first I was so angry since the lunch was almost ready and nobody called and informed me. Since the whole thing was planned on message I should not have expected a call and should have checked my message.Realized little late. B also pacified me saying we can keep the biriyani for dinner. Then I called my friends and asked them if they can make it for lunch as it is already ready, they said they can but will be little late.

I was hungry so I ate first and B took few bites with me (te(a)sting!!). They came at around 3, had lunch, praised it ( giving super proud look – you can now see two horns on top of my head) and then the fun began. We called our Β friend who is in another country now. He is getting engaged, so all teasing , pulling legs happened :D. Then we all had coffee + guava and started playing Jenga. What fun! We recorded few videos too when it was falling down.I love this game!

For dinner we are ordering pizza..jenga is still going on + we are watching one super awesome Gaptun movie (Does this qualify as sarcasm?) :D. I took a break just to finish today’s post. because once the food comes Madam will be very very busy (pasi) you see !! πŸ˜€

Have a super duper week ahead… last week of blogathan.. have fun !


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  1. I love jenga too! We play it all the time at my anna’s place. Try card based monopoly and cluedo when friends are there. Those are awesome games. We play till wee hours in the morning πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (of course, with plenty of snacks around :P)

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