Random Ranganayaki -4

** tak huhunn takhuhunn tak huhunn , tatata takhunnn..oyeyayiyeeeeeeee oho ** I was just singinf while waiting for an idea to flash for today’s blog post. Since nothing happening, random post wonly today πŸ˜€

# I love the smell of capsicum getting fried. The color + smell is awesome. Weekend morning started with that while preparing Chappathi noodles.

# Peekangai thogaiyal is one of my favourite. Both the smell and taste makes me hungry at any time.

# We are late but we are suddenly in love with Varuthapadadha Valibar sangam – both movie and songs. We watch this now to relax.

# Tomorrow I am planning to make layered Biriyani for friends. Wish me them luck. πŸ˜€

#Β ** tak huhunn takhuhunn tak huhunn , tatata takhunnn..oyeyayiyeeeeeeee oho ** … Na enna vechukitta illanu solren, edum thona matengudhu baa!

# I realized that being diabetic is difficult because believe me 75% of the food we eat daily has refined sugar in it. You have very few choices.

# And 80% of diabetic patients don’t follow their diet. My amma and my aunts they always give some excuse and take sugar.

# Tension affects both myself and my mom physically almost immediately (Tension = stomach upset ).

# I can never ever drive a car. My judgement is very very bad. When B drives I imagine the car to be a lorry and keep troubling him that this space won’t be enough to park the car.

# I tried to post atleast one recipe. To do that I have to take pictures no. But if the food goes from stove to stomach directly without any delay, when to take pictures and how to post a recipe !! Tell me!

# Be it Ramesh Menon’s Ramayana or Devdutt’s Sita, everytime when Hanuman makes an entry I feel very excited! When I told this to my mother, she said people read sundara kanda as it restores faith .

# I realized now that I have not given any title for my previous post πŸ˜€

Have a good relaxing weekend. See you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Random Ranganayaki -4

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  1. All the best for biryani. Ok, before eating the food direct from the stove, think for a second that you don’t have anything to post on the blog for tomorrow. You will automatically search for camera πŸ˜€

  2. I love peerkangai chutney too! And yes, I get super excited with Hanuman’s entry in any Ramayana version I read and my amma says the same thing too. I do title-less posts too. Then go back, edit and publish.

    Okay I ll stop. Too much ‘me too me too’ I am doing!

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