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GB mentioned in this post about how she missed reading books during childhood. I can relate to her post very well. I had almost the same reasons and have never read anything other than academic books and some magazines.I actually started reading a lot ( according to my standards) only after I started blogging. Reading reviews from my favourite bloggers made it easy for me to select books and start reading. And I think I actually did a very good job in 2012. But last year it reduced.

I read books only during my bus travel to work and while coming back home. Its almost an hour long journey so I get good time to read. Once I come back home, I will be busy with dinner, office calls if any and once I am in bed even if I try to read after some 5 mins I would be off.

In 2013 I read few books like Hitchkiker’s guide to galaxy series , parthiban kanavu, Twenty eight and a half wishes, The witches, GodPlayer, completed ponniyin selvan and few others. I started using my company cab service and that is when my reading time got reduced. This cab driver drives such a big huge bus like a two wheeler changing lanes so quickly.I cannot handle rash driving I mean my brain will start doing imaginary stuff like if the driver is going fast and is about to apply brakes whether he does it or not I press my foot so hard as if that is going to stop the bus  .

I could not read at all in my office cab  as I had to keep an eye on road and apply my imaginary brake whenever required 🙄 . At night I would be tired and doze off as soon as I hit the bed.

This year I have collected lot of books based on reviews from blog friends. I hope I do a good job this year. If you read good books, let me know OK! 😀


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  1. I too have started reading fiction books now, mainly for reviewing in my blog. I used to read fiction many years back, but then switched to non-fiction. I still like non-fiction, but I take a lot of time to finish even a single book. Now since I got the Kindle and there are so many good fiction books available for that platform, I have started re-reading fiction. Looking forward to book reviews.

  2. Reading while travelling is difficult for me :O. That too on Indian roads. I don’t mean to sound conceding, but namma ooru roads are karadhu muradu only. I ll probably keep reading the same line and get off the vehicle with a headache. 😦

  3. me too.. i started reading books only my college days.. i had a roomie who used to read books all time and not speak a word. i used get bored and started taking her books to read.. now i read many books which come for review..

  4. all the best ss.. I did wonderfully well with reading in 2012 and had it low in 2013.. re-started with great effort in 2014.. Already finished a english novel and now on Sandilyan’s “Raja perigai”.. I am targeting for few books these years.. Let’s see

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