Dishes I like to eat before they actually become a dish

1. Roasted Urad dal – For almost all thogaiyal you need to roast urad dal and red chilli and wait for it to cool down a bit before grinding. Few grains directly reach their destination instead of going through the vigorous process called grinding .

2. Vadaam maavu  – in 3 states , 1. dough or the mixture directly from stove 2. vadaam dried in sun for half a day where only the outer layer is semi dried and inner layer is still wet , 3. Vadaam sun dried for a day when dry and wet portion are in balance . I am sure almost everyone would have tasted  and loved  this. So what if I get diarhoea the next day ! Enjoy the present !

3. Jeera, saunf, elaichi , cloves, Ajwain – straight from Anjarai petti* to my stomach.

4. Arisi Appalam (Rice papad) – raw 🙂

5. Paneer – before it goes into any dish

6. Aval/Poha – plain or may be with little sugar

7. World famous chapathi dough

8. Another world famous item – maltova/boost/complan/milk powder

9. pottu kadalai – Roasted gram

10. Soaked idli or any rice 😀

I am sure there are more items but unable to recall now. Many people like grated coconut, my cousins steal it from the kitchen before they are made into chutney. I don’t like coconut that much, so I stay away. What do you like?

Anjarai petti – described well here


21 thoughts on “Dishes I like to eat before they actually become a dish

Add yours

  1. gulab jamun before its soaked in jeera
    soaked rice is my all time favorite
    appuram andha nuts – cashews, almonds, raisins – before frying in ghee
    the list is endless…

  2. Items 1 and 2 are sure my favs as well…but vadaam maavu…hmm..brings back memories of summer when my mom used to make this, and I in the name of helping her used to gobble the vadaam maavu…:)

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