Weekend Galatta -1

B listens to songs , Ok what is so great about that you ask. The thing is I have never seen him listening to songs at home or during bus/train travel. There is not a single song in his phone. He has no ipod or any mp3 player. But he knows a lot of songs , good songs. To my surprise yesterday he was singing one full song from a recent movie. I asked him when and where he heard that song but he had no clue!

Anyway,yesterday afternoon I was playing random songs from youtube and we both were listening. This song..

which Maya introduced to me few days back is running in loop these days. When I played this, B came and started watching the video. While I was expecting a “wowwwwwwwwwww Nazriya is sooooo beautiful’ type of comment from him, he asked who is singing this song. I told all four names – Sadhana Sargam, Vijay Prakash,Charulatha Mani and Dr.Ganesh. The first two are famous playback singers. He asked who the last two were. I told him that they are carnatic singers .. all this time wondering how come he is asking about singers suddenly. That is when he says this

” Dr.Ganesh, hmmm, imagine VTV Ganesh singing this song now  😀 ”

” 😯 😯 😯 ”

Those who don’t know vtv Ganesh’s voice, listen to this clip – the one in white shirt


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  1. In this other movie…I think Vaanam…Santhanam would make fun of VTV Ganesh’s voice saying ‘ Oh avaraa…andha undanchupona radio maadari’- that is what came to mind the moment I read this 😛

    Now I must listen to this song. Everyone seems to be sharing this.

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