Random Ranganayaki -3

-> I am really bad in consoling others. When my friends tell me how bad their situation is or their problem , I manage a bit if I am talking in person. But strangely if it is on chat, I keep saying that ‘soon  things will be OK, something better is coming up’ . I feel guilty that I am not helping them much.

-> I will be perfectly myself when I am with B or amma. I never even think what I am doing in front of them. B mostly laughs or gives me few kicks when I act silly -ya ya real ones 🙂 The fact that he enjoys makes me do even more funny stuff. My amma is exactly the same with me. She talks and does funny stuff and we both laugh,The fact that I am enjoying her antics makes her more happy.

->My tone changes when I am talking to close ones. People say it sounds  very kiddish 🙂 , something I don’t do intentionally,don’t even notice.

-> Colleagues in office have heard my stomach growling in hunger. 

-> Most of the times just telling my problem to either B or amma makes me feel relaxed. They don’t even have to give me a solution.

-> My amma’s gas stove which is years older than mine looks much cleaner and shiny though I clean mine everyday.Moms!

-> Today my mom asked me to call maid and ask her to come early. I called her but she was really not well. First sentence is real and second was in my dream during afternoon nap (saturday boss).

-> I like people who smile to themselves when lost in thoughts , noticed in bus many times.

-> I want to share more random stuff but I am afraid that I will run out of ideas and need them to fill another post 🙂


3 thoughts on “Random Ranganayaki -3

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  1. Yesterday, I told a half sleeping AV to call a friend as he needs some help. After about three hours, he came back telling me, “I had a dream that you are asking me to call D as he needs some help”.. Sigh!!
    Loved all the points. You are way beyond cute 🙂

  2. I am one who smiles randomly or stares randomly too 😀 Sometimes S shakes me to get me out of my thoughts 😛

    I have a kiddish tone too, and unknowingly I speak in that tone to S, Parents and Sister 😀 S has heard my stomach growl many times 😳

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