We like to make you happy..

Having angry/sad/grumpy people around makes my mother restless. Atleast people close to her should not be angry/grumpy.

Yesterday for no reason I suddenly got all angry+grumpy, was hitting the keyboard with so much force that the letters were so scared to come up after pressing.My mom quickly understood that ss{angry+grumpy} == ss{hungry} and she quickly made paniyaram with idli batter. Now you have to appreciate her here. She did not waste any time in cutting onions or in preparing side dish,she quickly made one batch with plain batter mixed with little idli podi (with mango thokku as side dish) and gave it to me. Once few pieces went in she noticed her daughter dancing like an elephant in the hall ,only then she started all prep work of cutting onions etc. Intelligent move no? 😛

Today morning when maid came, amma noticed that she was not in good mood. I was working from home, so every 10 minutes I was getting an update from amma that how bad our maid’s mood was.How she could easily tell by looking at the way maid was washing the utensils or sweeping the floor. I told her that it is ok to be in bad mood some days and asked amma not to disturb her. Our maid on some days fills drinking water from our home . My mother found two empty bottles, filled them with water and gave it to her while she was leaving. Thankfully our maid smiled and peace returned in our little world 😀


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