Of Compliments

How generous are you in giving compliments? Especially when the person involved is not someone you like that much.

If I find the person is already a show off , I wait for a minute. If it is something simple like a nice dress or something and if I know that the person has already started showing off I skip. If there is something big, I try to appreciate.

There are two types of people, people who give compliments genuinely and the other, when they give compliment though it will sound all nice and beautiful you and only you know that they are not actually complimenting you. Second type is dangerous because it is 100 times better if they don’t say any anything at all.Lets not talk about those boring people.

When friends or relatives compliment us, we feel happy. But what really makes me happy is when my amma or B or my cousin brothers Β who are very close to me appreciate me. you know why? Because they generally don’t give compliments so easily. That too especially amma. Lets take cooking as an example. When I started cooking, all she would say is ‘yes the dish is good but you can improve there’ . If I wear a very good dress, all she will tell me is Β to be careful . There is no direct appreciation like ‘oh you look nice today, Oh the pulav tasted awesome, oh you are a very <insert something nice here> person’.

But you will know that they really like and appreciate what you did.The best part is they will praise you in front of other people when you are not around.They feel proud even if you have just made a simple curd rice.They do not praise you too much in front of you to keep you balanced,level-headed. Not just my amma I have seen many parents/siblings do this. I find it very very sweet. Of course, when it is done in moderation.

Have you overheard(accidentally πŸ˜› ) Β your parents admire you when you are not around?



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  1. I am a little ‘kanjoos’ in giving compliments. Sometimes, I make that up by praising the effort even though the final product is not so good! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    When I think of compliments, I can only think of my MIL. She never compliments. I mean like never. She never says something is not good too; but she never says it’s good as well! So, when she actually says something is good, it must really be out of the world! πŸ™‚

  2. Me too. It depends on the person. If the person is a show off, rather than giving a compliment and listening to,” you are the tenth person telling the same thing. My husband got this from London. He knows I will look pretty in it. Blah blah blah”, its better to keep my mouth shut:-D

  3. I am so generous in giving compliments only if I really like it. I hate people who ASK for compliments.
    Yes, my parents used to praise me in front of others. I echo Maya here. Once I told my MIL that I made 3 variety of bakshanams for Diwali, she was like ‘what a big deal’ and started saying her side of relatives who made more than 5 variety. I am not complaining but she always brings down my confidence level.

    1. Giving compliments is important and helps a person to grow but at the same time it should be done in moderation. I know one relative who never gives any compliments thats ok but she keeps complaining. My aunt just ignores her,never takes anything seriously.

  4. Dad does it all the time and I love the look on his face πŸ™‚ Its pride mixed with happiness πŸ™‚ Amma is very sweet, as I said she shakes her head and tells tasty tasty even before tasting the actual food πŸ˜€

    Parents complimenting alright, but my MIL compliments me a lot πŸ™‚ And most of the times, its infront of outsiders, it makes so happy πŸ™‚

    I am very generous in complimenting, especially for food. I know how hard is it for someone to cook for you. Whether its the way you like or not, one should compliment from heart.

    1. Pride with happiness – Exactly! πŸ˜€
      Your MIL is very sweet. When it comes to food , I too make sure to compliment and never complain. That is something my dad taught me “kuraigalai vittu niraigalai mattum kooru”

  5. Really SS, my amma is the same as well.Now i see MIL is the same as well. Never compliment right in front of me. But back of me, i hear my praises all the time from the 3rd person. It feels good.I tell my mom you are hard to please, but i know it is because of her who keeps correcting faults to make it perfect…

  6. There is one more category who keeps complimenting everything to appear sweet. I mean they can very well not comment. I dread those types! Actually, I ignore their opinion on everything *bad attitude, i know*

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