Nail biting post

I don’t like to grow nails long. For me it should be within the finger tips . I donot apply any nail polish, the last I applied was during my wedding . I like it plain in its natural colour . But I do appreciate people who regularly change nail colour to match their dress colour , it is interesting to watch . But if the nail is too long,I lose interest πŸ˜›

Nail cutter is a must for me. I cannot leave my nail too long without cutting.It makes me restless. The day I cut my nails

1. I feel thatΒ I am really really clean.

2. Sometimes even a bath/hair bath does not give me that much satisfaction as cutting nails would give.

3. I feel light like as if I have really lost weight πŸ˜›

4. I keep looking at my fingers often that whole day.

5. I feel that typing becomes lot more easier.

6. I feel that even my face looks brighter.

OK, 5 and 6 were plain exaggeration!

I do not like biting nails. It makes me Β restless.One of my friend keeps biting her nails. Sometimes I tell her not to. Sometimes I go and stop her. It is not about health or anything. Β I just cannot watch it.My brain interprets nail biting as being nervous or anxious and it cannot handle it.

I cannot cut others’ nails and can never let others to cut mine . I ask my cousin to cut her child’s nails when I am asleep ( Imagine me as a surgeon now πŸ˜€ ).


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  1. seriously a nail biting post only.. I am also the same. I don’t grow nails or use polishes.. I like to keep it clean and cut them even if they grow tiny bit..

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