I have no title for this

Those who travel by train between Chennai and Bangalore know how crowded the trains are,how difficult it is to get a ticket on any day.

After the initial struggle with irctc once you board the train and manage to find your reserved seat, squeeze all your luggage in the space available,you will feel relaxed for like 10 mins. The compartment would be so full that you will wonder how this chai,samosa or bajji sellers manage to carry the tray above their head, pass through the crowd without losing balance. One thought would lead to another and before you know it you would want to pee. Now you spend 10 mins calculating the nearest toilet not based on distance but based on the no. Heads and bags between you and that peaceful door.

And when you start your real journey to the rest room,you start moving by carefully finding that microscopic space where you can keep your leg just to satisfy gravity. Too bad that you cannot fly. When you are exactly half way between your seat and the rest room, the samosa, bajji or cutlet wala will come towards you. Suddenly all the confidence you had while sitting safely in your seat on him and his balancing will disappear and you imagine him losing balance and dropping that full tray on your head with the tomato ketchup or coconut chutney.

A five minute job will look like years and finally when you reach the destination( no not the toilet,the real destination I mean)you will feel so tired as if you only pulled the whole train.

Now if this is on a normal day ,imagine during pongal/sankranthi.

When I told my chithi that amma is in hospital she did not have any second thoughts. She caught the next available train without reservation and landed here to help us. How will I show my gratitude,I am clueless.


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