The other intelligent modes of communication

This is not about “TALKING” – the basic mode.

I am going to talk about the other intelligent modes like for example in Padaiyappa movie  there is a scene where Neelambari would want to talk to Rajni alone but her maids would be standing with her,she will just look at her servants and they all would understand the meaning of her ‘look’ and vacate the place promptly .That type.

My amma says that I never understand these meaningful looks. She says that my cousins who are younger to me do a better job, when my chithi just looks at them they interpret the message quickly and execute the action (like say there is a piece of paper which needs to be removed and there are many guests, chithi would show the paper just by looks and my cousin will take care of it) whereas me, if my amma tries to convey something with just looks,I will just stare at her cluelessly as if she is some alien.


She will try ‘the look’ for few more seconds desperately hoping that I would understand. But that never happens.

She thinks it is important because if she wants to tell me something secretly when there are many people around we could use this mode safely. Unfortunately everyone else would understand her except me.

Second one is whispering. Since ‘the look’ obviously does not work here, she tries to tell me in a very low voice. My reaction would be ” aann.. enna(what) ma? ” in a low voice for first time .. then the volume will slowly increase “aaaaaan enna ma? aaaaaaan enna maaaaaaaaaa?”. She mostly gets up and  goes away disappointed and does the meant work all by herself.

Sarcasm – this is not a mode of communication, but this is also is not very well received here. Most of the time I ask the people if they are saying it for real or  sarcastically thereby making them a bakra!

This “look” thing is very interesting actually. I wanted to give it a try. No, Not to understand the look which others give me, but to give a meaningful “look” at B to check if he understands what I am trying to say. Don’t ask me the result. I looked like someone who needed an eye exam and an emergency brain surgery 😦

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  1. hahahahahha! I dont understand looks myself…my mother in law has tried them on me and failed miserably…my favorite mode of communication – talking talking and talking

  2. Ok.. In the same Padayappa movie, have you seen Thalaivar try the ‘look’ thing and no one understands it? So, yes.. You are thalaivar erm thalaivi, okay?! 😉

  3. LOL 😀 😀 Just yeaterday I was thinking how these “looks” work between me and S. Actually they never work. They say, Kadhalargal kannal pesikolvargal.. whereas it would a clueless situation in our case 😛 I and sister share this super good rapport when it comes to “the look” 😀 😀

  4. When we were at the in-laws place the last time, it was getting extremely late and I wanted to leave. I was giving that look to AV. He was so engrossed in the tv that whenever I gave that look he would look back and smile and continue watching. I was so irritated that, i shouted,”polama ethavana vati kekradhu?”, he was like, “ethana vati keta, epa thana kekra”. Sigh!!!

  5. Hahaha.. my mom in law does the same. Also, she can instruct me without opening her mouth 😀 most of the time she used remind me to enquire about the recent incident that happened in the guest’s house. But, I will ask them whether they want coffee?

    Lately, I told her give information / instruction before guest comes home.

  6. My daughters give better responses than hubby. When they are quick enough to understand my ‘looks’ (to do or not to do the job is a different thing, but atleast they understand), all the hubby does is to ask why I am ‘thiru thiru-nu muzhichifying’ 😦

  7. ROFL..Am on same league as yours..Never understood the look from a lot many people!! The partner and I however exchange looks when we wanna get out of a party or dinner..The main disadvantage is that he is selective in listening looks or words!! If he does not agree..He simply pretends not understanding!!

  8. I remember about the looks now.. you know what Amma never tried them on me.. he he she knows my caliber.. But, I do it to Adi and surprisingly the girl seems to understand it.. One stern look, the job will be done. No No I am not a terror mom…

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