Food for Love

Recently there was this ad which I saw inbetween a boring cricket match.Amitabh Bachchan says that we show our love more often by food. I don’t remember what was that ad for but it immediately gave me so many memories.

Every single time I go to my chithi’s place, she prepares something special for me. Every time and every day she will ask what I want and prepares the same even though there are 7 other people in that house including a 3 year old πŸ˜€

Whether my MIL’s niece is visiting our home or someone is visiting her, my MIL cooks her best dish ,packs it neatly and send it to her .This niece has a kid now πŸ™‚ but that didnot change anything .It is so sweet to watch her spring into action to prepare the best dish for her favourity niece πŸ˜€

My maami , inspite of her illness , prepares something special for me Β whenever I visit her. Sometimes I am left speechless by her love.

Sometimes my plate will be more loaded than my younger cousins’ , no matter even if they are 10 years younger to me!

My mom, when my cousins Srr and Brr visit our place, prepares sakkarai pongal just because these two guys love it .

When my MIL visits us, there will be a food festival only. She cooks all favourite stuff of B and mine too.I feel so so special when B waits for me to reach home before having his favourite food even if it means waiting for 2.5 hrs with the food already ready .

And when you think what the expectation is behind these hour long hard work in a hot humid kitchen? Just a happy face and a full stomach, that is all no?

Truly love makes this world a happy place !


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  1. Can so relate to this one, SS, Amma will be glued inside the kitchen dishing out one favorite after the another when I and sis are home..Even with extended family, one incident wrt food that stays so fresh is when my sis was about 5-6 years old, (she was and is a lover of vendakkai), my cousin insisted that (this cousin is just one year older than my sis) they cook vendakkai curry just because we were visiting them that day !!..To think that a small kid can be so thoughful and shower so much love in their own way..Food,definitely, is one of best ways of expressing love..

    1. That’s the beauty, the kids also see what their mom is doing and start showering so much love. Sometimes you won’t know how to react/repay.
      No words to describe Amma’s love!

  2. Whenever I take leave and pay a visit to my home, my mother makes sure that all the delicacies are prepared for me when I reach .. And no matter if it’s lunch time or dinner or an odd timing, she times it so well that it is served precisely when I reach ❀

  3. very true! that brings back so many food memories to me too.. my chithi, patti, maami – all preparing the favorite special food of ours whenever we visit them.. Ah sheer bliss!

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