You are a food lover when..

You feel hungry when you see someone eating in a tempting way on TV

You miraculously get the energy to try a recipe after seeing pics on web though you are very very tired after a hard day

You check out secretly what others are having when you are waiting for a table in a restaurant

Your way of seeking vengeance when a dinner date gets cancelled is to cook something awesome at home and eat angrily most of it.

You send a screenshot of delicious food items in chat when wishing Good Morning to colleagues

You visit the Ganapathy temple just for the hot delicious sakkarai pongal prasadam

You know which temple is famous which prasadham in your area and in few more cities too

You remember routes and places only based on nearby hotels/bakery/juice shops

You fight with your manager not during appraisal but when selecting a restaurant for team outing

And your team lead Β knows how to get work done by you — always offers delicious brownie as a treat if you complete the week’s goals on time πŸ˜€



24 thoughts on “You are a food lover when..

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  1. Haha! Too good!

    I too know temples for the Prasadam they give. There’s a Balaji temple here and I insist that we visit it only on Sundays because they make an awesome south-Indian lunch as prasadam πŸ˜€

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