Hunger and hormones

Before I start writing I sincerely hope that this person X never ever finds this blog.

I am very bad in judging quantity when it comes to cooking. For example Once I made sevai for breakfast, I made so much that we were forced to eat the same for lunch and dinner too and I still had more and gave some for my amma too.So you get it right?

One day one of our friend said he will come home,since it was almost dinner time I thought of preparing dinner for him too. I prepared simple upma and chutney. As usual my judgement was so wrong but I realized it too late.

It was already 730 pm and this person x said he will reach in 15 mins. Though I was already hungry I thought I can wait for few mins (virundhombal ,culture ya ya). He came at 830 pm. B asked me many times to eat if I am hungry, knowing how I turn into a monster when hungry but I was not so sure about the quantity, hence decided to wait.

X came, me being good girl n all parimarified. They both ate and that upma on that day it seems tasted very good. X kept on praising and asking for more, from my share too 😯 πŸ‘Ώ . Every time he asked more the amount I served Β kept on decreasing slowly 😈 . I was scared OK .What if there is nothing left for me. Finally (may be Β he noticed my hesitation) Β he declared that he was done. He thanked me so much .

Then they both kept on talking about various stuff.I was too busy thinking about my lost share of upma 😑 . When he left B searched for me all over the house only to find me sitting in room and crying. Yes right crying with real tears of ph value 7 and all. Shocked ,he asked me what had happened and my reply was I want my upma Smiley, I don’t have any upma to eat now ,who will make upma for me Smiley , with all drama. I kept on crying (Even today I don’t feel stupid about that.Just imagine some one finishes all your upma and at 9 PM Β you are so hungry without any upma left at home .. just imagine OK !! Smiley)B could not control his laughter but knowing well the consequences he controlled it to his best ability.

Later fresh upma was made for me and I ate heartful. Crying stopped finally but the teasing has not yet πŸ˜€

This does not mean that when you come home I will serve food and later write a post about it.No.No.No It was just a 1 time thing (OK 3 times I cried when there was no food for me) . You are always welcome ok.

P.S. Those who don’t like upma can never imagine the intensity of my pain, so think about this. You made hot yummy butter melting aloo parathas one evening and suddenly have nothing left for you. Now how do you feel,haan???


Smileys fromΒ


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  1. I totally can relate to this post! I had this with some yummy undhiyu I had made last year…(I made a fresh batch yesterday) and guests came and finished it all 😦 I was crying 😦 hugs to you SS, I can so relate to your upma loss (I like upma okay?)

  2. I have done this. Nothing more to say, I understand how that feels.

    Only then I realized how much of saints our mothers are. They never think of themselves, when they serve food to us. Even now amma will happily give away her share to me if I like it so much.

  3. Hahahah…so sorry but reading this post totally made my day. It my day because 1) I was laughing uncontrollably for sometime. You write in such a way that can almost visualise the entire happening πŸ˜› and 2) This happened me to sometime back. I had made aloo masala roast and everyone finished it 😦 and 3) You have made me feel normal. I have company now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. SS, same pinch here,I have not yet accquired the skill of judging and cooking the appropriate quantity so far ..As GB said, amma’s are saints for they simply forget that they have to eat and keep serving us even if it means polishing off whatever was cooked…

  5. LOL! Seriously, its good for u to hope that Mr.X doesn’t accidentally read this.. I haven’t been in such a situation yet, thankfully, but I know for sure what i will do. I would like to cry too πŸ˜› but being the person I am, I will put on such a ‘thyagi’ face πŸ˜‰

  6. LOL πŸ™‚ It happens most of the time for me…any dish tastes even more yummier, especially when the quantity is less, and we are the last ones to have it πŸ™‚

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