Paatti enum beauty

I lost both my maternal and paternal grandmother at a young age. They both fell sick . We were in a different city during my early days and we came back to our hometown only when my paternal grandma was not well. I could not spend much time with her. And my my maternal paati was living in a different city. We would go there during my holidays.She was suffering from cancer and was bedridden . She would be in pain most of the time. Sometimes she would call me in and ask me to sing songs for her. Those times it never occurred to me that I should sit next to her, talk to her spend time with her. I would just go in, sing songs and run away to play with my cousin.

Only later I realized how much I miss my paati’s love. In college one of my close friend’s grandma used to invite us during weekends. I found her cooking so delicious. She would have just made arisi upma with simple coconut chutney, still it would be like devamirtham. I remember pushing my friend away and sleeping on her grandma’s lap.

My other friend shares lot of stories about her grandmother. She shares many interesting recipes that her grandma is famous for. She shares with me the mythological stories that her grandma tells her. These conversation always excites me. I keep telling her that I want to meet her grandmother.Her grandmother used to collect Bhagavadha Purana stories from a weekly magazine and bound them together into a book.She still has it, it seems. She knows to speak in 3 languages. She makes the best madhur vada .When my friend shares all these info with me, I can see how proud she is of her grandma. For some reason I feel proud too.

I feel so happy when I see kids bond with their grandma. One of my cousin’s grandmother – she is 80, she is so beautiful.Well all grandmothers are beautiful,me thinks. Everytime I go to her place she gives me a hug and I love that softy soft hug.Even if I forget she calls me and hugs atleast once. Recently one my cousin had a baby and I like to hear baby’s antics more from her grandmother than from her mother.I just feel so happy when a grandmother talks about her grandchild.My cousin’s kid, her bestest friend is her great paati. She ignores everyone else Β including her mother when her old friend is at home.It is so beautiful to watch the two of them bonding and playing together. *touchwood*

I am sure that this post will bring you lot of happy memories πŸ˜€ Share it when you have time OK?


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  1. Such a sweet post, ss! πŸ™‚

    My patti is around 90 years old. Even till today, if I am around and say I am hungry, she’ll run to the kitchen to make something for me! πŸ™‚ She has her own with differences with my mom, but if my mom is sick, the first person to take care of her is my grand ma!

    And the bonding between my kids and their kollu-paati is one of the awesomest relationships I’ve ever known! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. this lo;;u paati and pethi relationship is the best.I am seeing it and I agree totally. πŸ˜€
      And our paati never get tired somehow.That too when there is a need they are the first ones to come forward for help.

  2. One of the regrets I have in my life is a not getting close to my grandparents. But my summer vacations spent with them are still the beautiful childhood memories I hold on to.

  3. My paternal grandmom expired when I was in class 4, but I have super memories of her. She is this really cool laid back person who was super nice. My maternal grandmom is still around and she and I have a love-hate relationship πŸ™‚ But after R was born, its more love :):)

  4. Singing for your grandmother is so cute πŸ™‚

    You and Tharani are having secret camera in my house i guess. I just posted about my grandmother and you are here with this post. On the other I thought of drafting a song post but she did πŸ™‚

  5. I never knew dad’s mom who died very young but loved ma nani and dadi-Dad’s aunty who helped him grow up and she doted on me. I can feel what u wanna convey with this post and grandparents are very important in one’s life.

  6. I have beautiful memories about my maternal patti and have already blogged about her though not very close to paternal patti. Now, I also witness Amma as a patti and the beautiful relationship that’s building between Adi and Amma..

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