Comfort Zone ah? Apdina?

Not sure if I am an introvert. Well first of all I don’t know clearly who an introvert is. Can I say I am a little different?

I cannot simply start a conversation with strangers. I need time. The time will differ. There is no general rule. Sometime it takes 2-3 meeting, sometimes it clicks in the first meet itself.It is just that my mind has to feel comfortable with that person. I am not sure what is comfortable for my mind. I am not scared of people making fun of me or mocking me for fun. My close ones do that, but there I am somehow comfortable. They keep pulling my legs but I laugh with them.That does not stop me from interacting and doing silly stuff.

Even with close ones I cannot talk all the time. I mean I have friends who talk to their friends every day either through chat or sms or whatsapp..whatever. Every day they do.Somehow I run out of topic. Even if I see them online I cannot start a conversation that frequently. ‘Start’ is the keyword. If the other person starts the conversation, I don’t close the chat window and run away OK! 😛

I don’t share all the details of my life even with my close friends,even if I am going through a problem.In college my close friends find out somehow that I have a problem and they initiate the conversation trying to bring it out.I don’t intend to hide my issues but I cannot ‘start’ sharing all by myself. The only exception here is B I think. I have not had problems sharing with him.Whatever it is I tell him- may be because I feel confident that he will not judge me?Not really sure because not all problems in life are judgemental. I do share with friends but it happens when I am at a comfortable zone, as in when the initial shocking and confusing phase due to a problem is over.

Due to all these sometimes we friends fight for not sharing everything, for not talking that frequently.But then they are easily forgotten. The close ones anyway know who I am and accept me for that 😀

Having said all these,when we meet, if somehow my mind detects that mysterious comfort zone — all I can say is “God save you buddy” 😀 😀 Have a good weekend.

Oh wait, we have to post during weekends too 🙂 so see you tomorrow 🙂


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