The daily song

I have started my morning walk. Not much.Just 30 mins.But I am enjoying it already.Mainly because the weather in chennai is pleasant now , the local FM stations and a very good  path to walk without any disturbance.

The apartment is built in such a way that it has a very wide path running along its circumference and all the houses at ground floor have their kitchen facing that path which means things are pretty active at 7 AM around me.

I hear people asking their kids to wake up, alarm bells ringing , cooker whistling with full force spreading the aroma of freshly cooked dal , some cookers struggling to give a long whistle – just making very short whizz whizz, early morning news channel shouting and the famous milk cooker trying to beat all other sounds .

All these happen everyday in our homes too. When it happens at our home, the atmosphere is little different, no? Waking up kids with tension that they might get late for school , checking the cooker if it is letting out steam properly, alternating between cutting veggies and making coffee, getting little irritated with the high volume of news channels , checking the door anxiously expecting the maid , packing all dabbas, applying all your energy to close the dabba then realizing that you have been trying with a wrong lid, colliding with each other when sharing work in the small kitchen space and so much more. There is always a tension, a million glance at the clock , careful listening to the sound of  water running in the bathroom, counting cooker whistles , interpreting vendors’ shouts selling greens in the street all at the same time without getting confused….shabbaaa..busy time! But when you step out a little and watch it, all these sounds together make a beautiful song no ! The one makes our morning very interesting 😀



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  1. Very beautifully said SS! That is so very true. I crib a lot about the morning craziness but I miss it a lot during the weekends. Somethings are ought to be that way to keep life interesting. Whats to enjoy in a lazy morning? 😉

  2. Okay at the risk of sounding like a complete idiot…why are you saying Chennai?? arent you in Bangalore :(:( *super confused* Did I miss something here 😦

    I so understand that super tension in the morning…from 4.30 to 7 AM my house is a total chaos..and yaa..that dabba and lid confusion happens to me every third day 😦

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