Love is magical

Hello dearest,

It has been almost 10 years since we knew each other. Thinking about those old times when we were really young.. All I knew about you was you were one genius and very helpful .Years rolled faster with so much fun and it was in final year when we spent most time together.

How I used to spend hours together in your room talking about all sorta things from power electronics to good looking guys. Our secret talks in the so called garden about the problems we had. LOL . Problems? really were they? But sounded big at that time.

Dressing up for college festivals , calling each other ‘super figure’ πŸ˜› , making maggi just with a kettle and a stainless steel dabba and guarding the dabba with huge books so that the heat doesnot escape πŸ˜€ , waiting for that last spoon of maggi, discovering pasta, all the home trips πŸ™‚ Oh and how I used your phone to talk to B daily but tease you with him Β just to divert people πŸ˜€

How can I forget our dramatic hug on a National Highway when we met for convocation after 4 months.

We both moved to same city for jobs, though our meeting/talking had reduced drastically , it never ever affected us , whenever we met/spoke we did it just like we would have done that everyday.

You got married and moved to a different country and then I got married.The day you left this city and I kept watching your train leave the station with tears in eyes and a stupid smile on my face because of that silly joke you cracked just before leaving. Girl, You and your jokes – never fails to crack me up.

We call each other once in a blue moon but whenever I see your name flashing on my mobile I jump with joy and I always do feel the same excitement on your side too. The way you end your phone calls with a weird noise , wait for a minute for me to respond and clarify later that the noise you made was ‘you sending me a kiss’ πŸ˜€ Stay the way you are !

You are in a very beautiful phase now . Enjoy each and every moment . I am so so happy for you. How much things have changed in these 10 years but still last sunday also when we spoke the excitement was still there. I could still feel and enjoy the same love , same silliness , your same stupid jokes and ya the same weird kiss πŸ™‚

You are one beautiful person !Β Wishing you all happiness in life !

Please ask the little one inside you to kick you few times extra on behalf of this aunt πŸ˜€

Loads of love and prayers,

your awesome friend πŸ˜€






22 thoughts on “Love is magical

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  1. Dear Little one in the tummy of SS’s friend

    you are a very lucky girl/guy because you are going to get an aunt so awesome, that you will thank your mom for ever for having such a wonderful friend πŸ™‚

  2. Such a beautiful post! I was transported back to the happiest days I had with my best friends. No matter how distant we are or how long its been we have spoken, its always the same. Cant agree with you more how big the problems seemed to us during those days. Now I wish problems were really that simple.

    Wishing loads of luck for your friend πŸ™‚

  3. aww such a cute letter..loved the way you ended you post with ‘your awesome friend’ πŸ™‚
    congrats on becoming a would be aunt πŸ™‚

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