Curd rice, harmless dogs and me

My knowledge about dogs is almost zero. From what I have observed in movies and at some friends place I have two assumptions.
1. Dogs love curd rice but other should not be seasoned with mustard seeds .

2. They wag their tails as a friendly gesture.

3. Bonus point: Never run in front of a dog

My street is full of dogs and very few street lights. Every day after work when I walk from bus stop to home,I have to cross different different gang of dogs. Since I am little scared of them I take precautions.

First I make sure that I don’t look like a poochandi. I try my best not to look like a thief , kidnapper or a murderer. Considering the pollution , traffic and 12 hours since a bath its a very very difficult job not to look like poochandi. But I try my best. Sometimes they bark at me inspite of looking nice n all. I just turn my face away and walk like a kudumba kuthuvilakku just to create a good impression.Wish I had a tail to let them know I am a friendly person.

My second problem is their territorial fights. One dog will start barking. And immediately what looks like 100 dogs start running at full speed in one direction. Unfortunately that direction of charge would be mostly towards me. With shaking knees I try to find another human nearby and if there is someone I try to hide behind him or her. I keep changing my sides moving from left to right to left but maintain strict one inch distance from the person. That poor person stuck between those harmless dogs and not so harmless me goes numb . Most of the time I see his/her body go tight fearing that I might push them on the angry dogs anytime. Well safety first, safety for myself first.

Third and most important problem is my tiffin box. I am sure that dogs don’t have much interest in sambhar rice, idli/dosa or coconut rice. So I don’t panic when they come and smell my tiffin bag/dabba…”Boss you don’t like it anyway, go ahead and smell” 🙂 . But but when I carry curd rice, I have to be super careful. I hold my dabba little high , make sure that they don’t smell it. Tough job. Though it is seasoned I never take risk, dabba is held carefully above my waist level.

In the mornings it is a different story.They don’t look scary at all. Especially now the morning being little cold I see them curled up like a ball sleeping with eyes tightly shut in a small patch of sunlight. I think they look super cute 😀 (Tiffin box is still held high haan!)


P.S. No dogs were harmed in the making of this post.


6 thoughts on “Curd rice, harmless dogs and me

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  1. 😆 😆 😆 at your disclaimer!

    Super post SS 😀 Except for the dabba being held high, I follow the first two steps exactly the same. Only if dogs can understand this and go off, it would be nice 🙂

    And whats with the size of the dogs here? Each of it is like a kannukutti in my area. Street dogs in Chennai used to be so thin, here its the exact opposite – may be they feed on left over pizzas and burgers 😀

  2. Lols..Today a street dog was sniffing my calf legs.. So what smell attracted that 😉 Dogs have become furry in Gurgaon due to the cold.. Am praying intensely everyday that they attain the same zen state ur street dogs have attained.. PETA forgives you reading the post script and similair offenders like me.Dogs are friend not *****

  3. 😆

    Experienced everything you have told here 😀

    The dogs in my locality conduct a special nightly meeting exactly when I want to sleep, and they discuss with such an enthusiasm that what to tell 😐

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