Random Ranganayaki – 3

I noticed that the more I think about something , my mind becomes blank.

I think a lot of things are happening in my life. Not very sure . My dearest cousin S came back from UK after one year. He came to our home, met us. I invited my other cousins too. We had an awesome time. I laughed so much, so so much while playing business and carrom with them. I don’t remember why we laughed so much, that’s the best part of it I guess.

When my another dear cousin brother B visited my home first time after my wedding, I made pongal and brinjal Gosthu. He loved it and I loved the fact that my little bro liked what I cooked. The best part was when we all met in a family function weeks later, Β a maami asked B if I am cooking and all πŸ™„ , my darling bro came inbetween and said strongly that I do cook amazingly! I felt so proud.. definitely not because I cook . I was proud of my brother!How much he has grown.. from that tiny LKG boy sitting with a running nose asking me or S to stay back with him till the prayer bell rang everyday in school.

Either my amma or my MIL was there with us for the past few weeks for festivals, functions Β or just like that. That means it has been so long since I cooked a fullfledged meal . I hope I still do remember how to make not so runny sambhar! πŸ™‚

Work side is OK. Nothing much to talk about πŸ™‚

One of my bestest friend is expecting. We spoke after almost an year but we still spoke silly just like the same old college days. I guess time and distance does not matter in case of friendship.

I subscribed to a nice wild life conservation related magazine. This month there was a special segment for elephants , my favourite animal. But before I could get it I had to travel. Not sure if it still will e sitting in my mail box when I go back. 😦 I read somewhere that baby elephants throw themselves in the mud when they are upset it seems, so cute no? Hope these endangered animals live a free happy life!

Weird dreams are continuing. Once a puppy was following me wherever I went , even to the places where it cannot enter, it followed me magically. I arrange for a meeting with a bus full of strangers to find out how to stop that puppy. Before we could make the decision I woke up. Now I don’t know how to stop the imaginary puppy from following me. So far no bites or barking. So I think the puppy just likes me πŸ™‚

I recently downloaded a random book without reading any review about it from Amazon and started reading it – ya ya it was free that is why πŸ˜› . Β It is “twenty eight and a half wishes” It is a romantic novel.Β I liked it .

I have lot of books now. I started reading Harry Potter, was into it. But suddenly I strongly felt like I wanted to read only light stuff. Roald Dahl and PG Wodehouse books in hand now. So many in shelf. Now that I work from home frequently , no bus travel so no dedicated reading time.

I want to have a nice(slurp) hot chocolate cake now… outside thin light and Β crispy and inside it should be hotty hot gooey chocolate.Ahhhh.. Ahhhh πŸ˜€









17 thoughts on “Random Ranganayaki – 3

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  1. What a heart warning post. I was grinning ear to ear as i read through the post. I want to meet you. busy girl. Let me know when you come to Chennai next time okay.

  2. LOL @ the puppy following you dream. The most recent dream I got was about a huge building getting torched, black flames spreading all over, and me trying to escape from it. I woke up shocked! Your situation seems to be much better πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, feels nice to read such a light post that brings warmth to the heart. I still have difficulty reading e-book and must make a big effort. I somehow feel nothing can replace a hard copy:)

  4. Oh chocolate cake..I want also πŸ™‚

    PG Wodehouse is a big favorite and do read HP and give your feedback :):) Waiting to hear your reaction to the books..and dont stop at one okay πŸ™‚

  5. What a lovely post SS! πŸ™‚ And that puppy dream – ha ha ha ha ha!
    Am moody wrt to chocolates, so that did not make me crave much today πŸ˜› But I’d love some brinjal gosthu πŸ™‚

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