Simple things that make you happy – II

She was wearing a little blue frock matching the calm evening sky. There were some men playing cricket little far from her in the empty ground. Her father was standing 10 feet away from her – not watching her. She was walking free like a cute little bird. Her walk was still not perfect. Sometimes it was hurried, sometimes slow. Neither was her path. She kept turning around and moving in random directions .

One moment she opened up her arms , raised them and flapped them like a bird which is about to take off. And she jumped. She thought she jumped, legs still firm on Β the ground πŸ™‚

She walked in circles swinging her arms, arms moving faster than her legs. A perfect non co-ordination . Something caught her eye. A Β long black ‘something’ on the ground. She started following it. It kept moving. She could not catch it. She was so close still could not catch it. She stopped. It stopped. She bent down to pick it up. All she could pick up was some sand and stones .

Suddenly a ball came flying towards her. The men playing cricket came running. Her father who was looking at the other side all this while , not sure how he realized, turned back in time to catch the ball. She was safe. Everyone smiled. But nothing could disturb our little lady. She was still running behind her shadow to catch it. πŸ™‚

It is a mystery how sometimes such simple things in life could bring so much peace in you!


Have a good weekend ! πŸ˜€




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