Few days back, we were watching TV and it was a rainy day. The rain had just stopped I think – I don’t remember exactly – when B got up and went into the room to take something and on the way back he stopped near the balcony and called me. What I saw there was breathtaking. It was a rainbow- a FULL one just in front of me.

I have seen many rainbows. But mostly the top portion is visible or just one half or 3/4th of it. This time it was fulllll. End to End. We were so excited. I have never seen one full rainbow like this. And most of the time I see only red,orange, yello and mix of blue and green. This was the first time I could see almost all colors clearly. Violet and Indigo I have never seen . I saw it . We saw it for 15 long minutes.

Wait wait. There was not just one but two. It was a double rainbow . The second was very faint and the colors were in reverse (which I noticed only later in the pics that B took, actually I did not find it by myself, he told me ) .


We quickly ran to the terrace and started taking as many pics as possible.Here is one to enjoy ! It was so big to capture the whole thing in one shot.




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