How is married life?

Till sometime back I used to  ask each every married person the most important question – how is married life?even if it had been a year since the person got married. That used to be my conversation starter. Now after getting married I realized that neither the asking party has any interest in that question nor the answering party. The keyboard automatically responds back as GOOD. Since I am  on the receiving end too now ( yes i have not stopped asking the question yet ) I decided to come up with a better answer than the plain old ‘good’.

First, my mother was not well last 3 months. After lot of check ups , doctors, tests, surgery , tension and more tension , she is better now. Back in Bangalore she is feeling much better now. Recently we went to a doctor and he was shouting at my mother and the reason – he asked my mother to take some tests which she had taken a week back. My mother said o will just check with my daughter once and then give. And he got irritated and started shouting that ‘ what is your doc mobs program something why should you ask her. She must be an engineer doing Google search and telling you things’ . All my mother wanted was a moral support and for a person who has been taking tests after tests for 100 days it is important. Why so angry I ask. Even if I want to try my own medical advice on someone it won’t be my mother, hello!. Now thinking about it I know whom to try those on  👿 . And you should not shout at a patient . You should be patient with a patient that is why we call them patient right? Really, right?

Baj is doing good. Sometimes people ask me ‘ hey do you guys fight’ . I don’t know which is a cool answer, to say that we fight a lot or to say oh we don’t fight at all. And when we fight i cannot keep thinking that oh next  time when someone asks i should say we fight big time because you know o am already busy fighting. So what do we do.If I am angry I take him in our bike in the name of practice on a life threatening ride around our packing lot.  And he in turn asks me to put centre stand in activa ten times. I don’t understand how that thing works. But poor guy he explains me with the help of all physics basics starting from Newton’ s law to sheldon’s law. But even after standing on two legs on that stand, it refuses to move. I think I must be Rajni’s daughter or something. No physics law applies  to me hee haw 😀

I am the most samathu-est child in my family.Many of my relatives have told me that when I was a kid they took me to markets and all and I have never asked for anything. I never ask them to buy me chocolates or balloons and throw tantrums and all. I was always a very very samathu girl. You thought I will say good things about myself and in bracket will say that I have exaggerated a bit. Ha ha. No! 👿 Anyway where were we? Yeah I was the most samathu-est girl in the world. But after college I started throwing tantrums. I keep asking my mom that I want this-that. But amma is strict she will say no and I will go home with a grumpy face. Baj is not that strict. But he has a plan. I go on like oh! I want this, I want that, I want this and that.Being the samathu child I ask him too to buy something nice for himself. His immediate response would be ‘No I already have lots I don’t want anything now’. This line will stop me for a few milliseconds. That’s it. That is the time to quickly drag me out of that Cloth shop and put me in some coffee shop with nice big chocolaty stuff in front of me 🙂 I am a samathu girl 😀

Yesterday on road I saw two different incidents where people were fighting on road as one vehicle hit the other. Fight means physical. I was asking Baj f I take my bike out tomorrow and hit someone, will they hit me even if I ask sorry. Since I didn’t get a convincing reply I wanted to plan everything out. The moment I hit someone even if it is barely two vehicles touching each other , I will immediately fall down with a fake ‘Ahhh I am fainting now’ expression. Yes that is the only way to escape ! But Baj thinks when I take the bike out the whole world will run for their dear life lock themselves up in their home. The Positive Me thinks that way we get a solution for our traffic problem too 😀

OK that’s it for now.

If you feel you dint understand anything in this post and feel as if your brain is blank now then congratulations! Its good to have an empty brain on a Monday morning  as you know empty vessels can hold more food than the already full ones. A week full of load is on the way, be ready Have fun ! 😀


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