Beat the Heat

OK Children.Now I will share some awesome tips to beat the summer heat. Listen carefully.

Enthu guy from the audience:- Hello Hello Stop! Who asked you to give us free tips??

Huh! Who has to ask. Boss Half of my name is Summer. I am super qualified to give summer tips. And these are all tested OK tips. Please Listen.

The first one, is, ‘Spend time with Kids’. Now you should be careful when you select the kids. If you select anyone above 4 years they will call you “Aunty/Uncle” and that’s not cool. That’s the opposite of cool. That is like sun stopping by earth and doing gangnam style dance on your head. Not cool.Play with small kids. Ask them to tell stories in their mazhalai(baby talk) voice. The cute thing about their stories is they will include the same characters from your story which you had told them a day back and for an hour they just keep on adding characters and the story will end with some great moral like ” summerscript you are my thotho kutti(puppy in tamil baby language) or I am your kaakaa kutti(baby crow) . But once this activity starts you cannot stop it unless the story teller falls asleep in a magic way.

Second one is, go out at 1030 PM, get an icecream and start eating. What’s so cool about it you may ask. Don’t eat it like a boring adult. Let it stain your clothes. Let it Β melt and drip. At the end flash a wide grin at your staring husband. Believe me you feel so cool!!

Third one is some serious stuff. Take bath only when the sun is not visible. If you could not, and if it’s past 10 AM, then open the hot water tap and take bath. The water from your storage heater is much much cooler than the one coming from the overhead tank.

Open your fridge, put your head inside the veg basket and pretend search for veggies for a longgg time.

Watch popular hollywood movies Β dubbed in your mother tongue. One hour of guaranteed laughter.

Drink rosemilk,Nannari sarbath, lemon juice and eat lot of yellow yellow mangoes. (What! I told you this is a serious talk full of genuine tips)

Stay cool guys! Agni nakshatram is not far, follow these and stay cool!





18 thoughts on “Beat the Heat

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  1. Aahh SS.. I so missed reading you πŸ™‚ What a cool post on staying cool during summers!
    LOL on searching veggies πŸ˜† I insert my head into freezer only πŸ˜€

  2. woww a typical ss sshhtyle post after a long time.. how are you doing?
    yeah I keep hearing about chennai heat from family and friends… stay cool err hot!!!!!

  3. Boss this is the best post on how to how to stay cool. You should have written it earlier, we started suffering early πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Love you SS, you rock πŸ˜‰

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