And I came back running .. renew this space.

Recently one of our senior project member had come to see us. He knows everything about our project. Everything means everything. But what attracted me more was not his knowledge but his behavior. He was calm all the time. He waited till we finished talking- no interruption. He didnot complain about anything -pollution, mosquitoes or the food. He asked us doubts. The way he answered/cleared our doubts, you can never find out if your question was a brilliant one or a stupid one.Some people are great !

Nirai kudam thathumbadhu (Fully filled pot does not spill) is so true! 


I completed Ponniyin Selvan. I am proud. When Ponniyin Selvan was introduced, I thought he is my favorite. But I was so wrong. Now that I completed it, my favorites are still Vandiyathevan and Azhwarkadiyan. I will talk more about it later.

If someone sees you reading ponniyin selvan in TN, you become an instant-hero.


I had a wonderful birthday this year 🙂


Amma is not well. I am shuttling between chennai and Bangalore. Nothing to worry. Hope she recovers soon.


If you are in chennai and if it is a full moon day, go out at 4:40 AM. The moon will be so big. Seriously! When I saw it was so big as my grandpa’s plate. Never seen such a big moon!


Don’t believe what people say about your weight. Seriously. And don’t believe your brain too.


I am thinking I should follow few things.

-> Work while you work, play while you play.

-> Just be calm

-> Don’t keep on complaining. No use because most of the time you are not talking to the right person.

-> Do it and do it with your whole heart.

It is not very difficult to follow these I feel. Because I see/talk to people who follow these every single day. I am going to try.


Take care. Have a good day!


7 thoughts on “And I came back running ..

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  1. Wow! that project manager is a super guy eh?

    Hope Amma is better now

    LOL on the moon..trying seeing it in polluted Bombay at 4 in the morning, it looks hazy but interesting 🙂

    Hope you follow what you think you have to follow…I have tried many times but failed

    I dont believe my brain about my weight…I just know it in my heart that I need to loose like 15 kgs!

  2. I love you for coming back to the blog world! There was a big void here without you! 🙂 Hope Amma is better now!

    **Stern look** I am still waiting for your call! 😦

  3. Feels really really good to read you again 🙂 can I say welcome back? 😛

    You have reminded me of Ponniyan Selvan again.. will get that and start reading 🙂

    I have stopped listening to what ppl say abt me or why weight, and then I got my peace “D

    Take care of Amma, hugs to both of you. Wishing her to get well soon.

    Belated happy bday to you, glad you had lots of fun 🙂

  4. Grrr. I am sorry for forgetting your birthday 😦 Belated birthday wishes 🙂
    Welcome back. 4.30 AM????????????? I am sure not going to see that moon , ever in my life 😦
    Hugs ..

  5. Glad you came back plz dont disappear..hope amma is better now..missed post and updates on her..chalo now write some happy updates on amma…belated happy birthday…hope u and ur baaj are having great time 🙂

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