And I ran…

Last sunday was my first Marathon. Two weeks back I got to know about it but since this was the first time I needed a company.I asked my friend and she agreed.

It was a 5KM run. At first I thought I will run daily in the morning and get some practice and all that. But I never got time (ok, I overslept everyday). And on saturday I got cold and Baj said ‘Go only if you are ok’. I was too excited for this and decided to give it a try though I had no practice.

We both started running, though we could not run the full 5 kms we walked in between and ran, walked, ran walked and finished the 5 KMs. We would have run atleast for 3 kms which itself was surprising. I didnot expect at all. At the end we both were happy and the biggest surprise was there was no pain – nothing .We felt completely OK.

We had an awesome breakfast and came home.The whole day I was talking non-stop explaining Baj how my body is in such a good condition that even after running for about 3 kms I don’t feel tired at all and all nonsense πŸ™„ Β He asked me to take rest but I was too active to sleep. He was patiently waiting for the evening to come.

Evening little pain started near my ankle.I ignored it. I was too proud to tell him. πŸ˜›

Next morning when I jumped out of bed I felt like someone has taken away part of my legs. There was too much muscle pain. Everytime I tried to get up from sitting position, it was so painful 😦

And my darling friend also had same problem. Everytime we got up in office we looked at each other and laughed so much ! πŸ˜€

Today I am completely OK. I am very happy that I tried.


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