I love Ponniyin Selvan – II

There are few dialogues which are very very interesting in this book. For eg:

In Part – II, when an elephant tries to kill azhvarkadiyan but falls into a pit and dies, azhvarkadiyan will warn vandiyathevan to immediately leave the place or else the vultures and tigers which might come to eat the dead elephant will eat them too. I love that dialogue ” Mirugangalum paravaigalum gajendranin udalai patchippatharku vanduvidum, Naamum avatruku batchanamagi viduvom! ” .  😀 😀 I read this dialog so many times. Totally loved it.

And the conversation between azhavarkadiyan and vandiyathevan on the streets of Lanka. Azhvarkadiyan would be angry as Arula mozhi varman will be reforming Buddha temples and Vandiyathevan will make fun of him. I was laughing full time.

I think I am going to mark all my favorite dialogues somewhere but that itself will become a book I guess , hehe !

Azhvaarkadiyan and his thadi! 😆 If they ever make it as a movie they better take time and select the best person for this role! Or just never make it as a movie! 😛

And the hero has come. What an introduction! Suddenly I forgot everything about Vandiyathevan or any other characters I have read so far. In just few minutes Arul mozhi varman has become my favorite character! 😀

And again the narration is so clear that when the author explains how the food is cooked for the warriors, I was feeling hungry too 😀

Tomorrow and day after tomorrow I will be travelling. I think I will get lot of time to read. Yay Yay!


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  1. I expected Arul Mozhi Varmar to eclipse Vanthiya Dhevan, but for me, the latter remained at the top spot. Of the females, I had a lot of sympathy for Pooguzhali from the beginning though she is shown as the female with most faults.

  2. Dropped in through google search on ponniyin selvan… Loved the ‘batchanamagi viduvom’ 😀 Am going to use it in some conversation one day, haa haa. I read PS some 10 years back, so don’t remember dialogues so clearly. Few months back, I finished re-reading Volume 1 and particularly liked ‘இதோ எல்லோரும் பாருங்கள்! பிரம்மத்தை பரப்ரஹ்மம் திருச்சாத்து சாத்த போகிறது’ by azhvarkadiyaan when he is involved in a tussle about saivam-vaishnavam and raises his ‘thadi’.

    I haven’t started Volume 2 because other books in my reading list will suffer :-/ but you are too evil to remind me of such reading pleasures 😦 I think i might take it up again!..

    Gayathri Manikandan(http://beinggaya3.blogspot.in/)

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