Updates on eye infection

My eye infection is still there. Yesterday I was travelling by train and with the strong wind or I don’t know what , in the evening my eyes were heavy blood red and irritating. We went to see doctor but he was on vacation and it was already late so we came home. I slept off.

Morning it was better but I still wanted to check with the doc once as it is 1.Eyes 2. happneing second time 3. First time was a really bad experience 4. its been a week since this redness started.

When I had it last july, I went to a hospital and they said I could have some lethal disease which could cause eye infection. That eye doctor (Appaa I am getting so angry even today), she had to explain me about some dangerous disease, instead of talking to me she had a couple of people inside her consulting room along with me and was chit chatting with them. Now and then she looked at me and said ‘you might be having this this’ I asked  in tears ‘Is it confirmed, what shall I do now, any medicine?’.She was busy talking to her guests and then she turned and said ‘ Get all these tests done and consult your family doctor’. My family doctor also treats us like a guest only ok but never ever he had talked to us when there is a patient talking to him. We are not even allowed inside.

Me and my mom were terrified and next two days were hell. We ran around , got few tests done and finally showed it to our doctor and he said I am perfectly fine! And then I consulted another eye doctor and he said that I have some allergy and gave me medicines! phew!

After six months again my eyes are red, irritating and itching. I got tensed ,prayed and went to another new eye doc suggested by my FIL. One look and he said I have some allergy. What a relief! .He gave me drops. Now the biggest problem is nobody can tell me what I am allergic to. I have to find it out by myself. I used nothing new in last 6 months. I don’t know how to figure this out.My eyes are OK now. But I have to find out the source to stop it from happening again.What should I not use/do to stop this! God help me.

I am going to try these for now.

1.Not to use kajal

2. To take care that shampoo or soap does not get into my eyes.

Lets see.


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  1. hugs SS… I remember once in this blog we discussed about your beautiful eyes and I even asked you to send a picture.. there are loads of fans for your eyes 🙂 take good care of it.. yeah be watchful and narrow down that allergy.. hugs again..

  2. arey try with a good doc, have a through check up, if in chennai, try with rajan eye care, they are good. kajal what type you using, use one with less chemical, I don’t think it must be because of kajal.

      1. go for a colossal in maybelline, or a Gujarat based kajal is der, a small green color box, i will check the name and let u know, it has no side effects and this green box is used to kids so you can use them in future if you like. will let u the name by tomorrow

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