Killer Recipe !

My MIL is a great great cook. One morning she was making BRINJAL GOTHSU. The smell was so heavenly that I immediately wanted to take notes of the recipe. But we were in a hurry, I think going out somewhere or something.I did not have much time and while I was eating I managed to type the recipe on my phone. Later in the afternoon, baj read my “recipe” in the phone and there was a non stop 10 minute laughter. why? See for your yourself!

Recipe for brinjal Gothsu:-

Title:- Bridal Kothsu for dosai

Bolivia bridal in hot water till it becomes soft abduction lightly grind it.
Fry handful of dhaniya and 3-4 red chilies in little oil and make powder.
In a kadai add oil mustard onion curry leaves. Fry till onion becomes soft. Add tamarind water (lemon size). Add bridal and dhaniya powder. Add salt. Wait till smell comes. Done.
What a gory recipe?Even in hell/Naraka they would not have such type of recipe punishment!
P.S:- This was just a auto-complete problem on phone. I don’t have any intention to abduct anyone! I am a good girl! Very good girl!

10 thoughts on “Killer Recipe !

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  1. Hello SS,
    your posts and this recipe is indeed hillarious..!!!
    I got a laughing attack after reading some of your previous posts…
    btw, I am a beginner in bloggong world and landed here from RM’s blog.
    Have a nice day and all the best for completing the marathon..!!

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