To test if I am sleepy or not

Remember that day I was making idli maavu at 11 PM ?? 

I was half asleep but I had to finish it that day, so started my work. Baj came and asked me

Baj:- Is this the first time you are making idli maavu unattended ? I think last two times amma was here to help!

Me:- No last to last time itself I did it all by myself unttendended (I was so sleepy ok)

Baj:- What? Tell me again

Me: I said Last time also I did unttendended

Baj :- (Laughing now) Whattt?Repeat pls.

Me:- grrrrr..

And the next morning the first thing he asked me with a smile  was — “Can you say unattended?”  😀

So people this is the way to find out if I am sleepy or not.

unattended – I am wide awake!

unttendended – Do not disturb me OKAY!




9 thoughts on “To test if I am sleepy or not

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  1. you are so cute. This is exactly like my 18 months old tells potato (potateteto)

    what RM said was right. you are a kid and yours was child marriage 🙂

  2. oye when I first read unttendended I could not figure why BAj was asking you to repeat and why was he laughing,lol.Guess am sleepy at 10:45 AM 😉 but but SS is too cute 🙂

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