I love Ponniyin Selvan – I

I am one sundeli reading this Maha book “Ponniyin Selvan”.This is not a review, just my thoughts.

I have finished Part 1 and started Part 2 and I am loving each and every bit of this book. What a style and how detailed the description is on everything! I am amazed. My imagination power increases manifold while reading this book for two reasons

1. I am reading it in my mother tongue – Tamizh

2.Everything is so detailed and described in a simple but a beautiful way.

The way Kalki has described Kaveri , kollidam, the forest in the river banks, the sea shore in kodikkarai and the jungle in the shore, the ups and downs in the jungle, the bushes and its shadow everything is so clear that everytime I close this book(as soon as I reach office) it takes me few seconds to come back to the current world.I wish I were born in that period where there was a doubt whether Kaveri is a river or a sea! Appaa! Really , was there so much water?  I have crossed kollidam and other rivers so many times.And I have seen a little stream of water in that huge river and most part of the river will be filled with soft, dry, light yellow sand. Even that little stream of water would give me so much joy. These days if you go you won’t even find that sand!! Forget water!

Another beauty is the Palaces. The Palaces in Thanjavur , Pazhaiyarai are so beautiful in my imagination. I feel like I too have travelled with Vandiyathevan (the hero) on the riverbanks,  into the jungle , through the secret tunnel, in the dark palace . I have reached Lanka now in a small boat with Poonguzhali 😀 .

In the first part my favorite characters were : the hero Vandiyathevan and Azhvarkadiyan. As soon as I started second part, my current favorite has become Poonguzhali :D. I loved the conversation between Poonguzhali and Vandiyathevan 🙂

So far I have read about 4 women in this book. All 4 are young, very very beautiful but each one is different. One is brave, one is soft, one is very energetic and one is cunning . Again I loved the description of each of these characters. So clear !

In short , the way it is written you will even fall in love with a crocodile !





20 thoughts on “I love Ponniyin Selvan – I

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  1. I have read Ponniyin Selvan but all in English much to my parents dismay..for the first time, they felt they should have insisted I learn Tamizh..because Appa says the description in Tamizh cannot be just translated into English…well you are lucky you can read Tamizh 🙂

  2. I am wondering how I can like this post a 1000 times! 🙂

    And, wait till the Original Hero comes into the story. The Ponniyin Selvan. You’ll definitely fall in love with him! 😀

  3. yep 🙂 true 🙂 kalki story are amazing and my mom will simply get amused when i say the name of the book, one book that every individual must have in their cupboard of books or in library. they will cherish it till their last breath, Of course who will not like to live in the era, where everything will be natural , with high sculptures and antique monuments and building, where the way of living is simple but great and every individual will make you to long for that. I am not sure, whether one can describe place more beautiful than him, that too in the starting where kootanchoru and chithira annam, this things are perfect, I feel bad that now a days family spend time in food not by having talk but by either through this stupid tv or through match. I miss those time.

    1. Loved your comment. And yes Kootanchoru and chithira anna – I so miss it. When we were kids we used to have food (me and my cousins) on terrace in moonlight 😀 The best way to have dinner I can say!

      1. that soothe more, you will gulp food like anything with the moon light 🙂 🙂 after reading your post I am reading the book again 🙂 🙂

  4. I want to be able to read Ponniyan Selvan in tamil. Amma read them before I was born and had half a mind to call me Kundavi 🙂 Recently, when we to Periya Koil, my mother was talking about this book and Udayar. She detailed so much, that it felt like being there!

    Kavery is flowing beautifully now at Anaikattu. I went last month and marvelled at how it must have been! Do share your thoughts more!

  5. Yokay I really dont know what and how is this Ponniyin Selvan.. But All i know is that you are crazy for it and are in love with it,… Lady plz dont fall in love with croc 🙂 It will bite you up with its large-sharp-teeth… 🙂

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