The planning

When I was in school, every morning I used to plan my day. Especially during exams before going to bed I calculate how much time I have in the morning, how much I can study. I am a morning person. I cannot stay awake after 9 PM (Nowadays its 10 PM).So most part of my studies is done during early morning . I always plan.If I have like 10 chapters left and if I take 1 hour for each I calculate and get up that early. I keep an hour buffer also. Morning time works for me because 1. It is calm and the weather will be nice 2. My brain works faster.I mostly finish my studies faster than I had planned and will have time to sleep again 🙂
I love these planning.
But after college, all these planning stopped. Sometimes I do plan to complete the work but it is not as good and as detailed as I had done during school days.

Now after marriage, it has started again. I am not a good cook. I started cooking only after marriage. Before I had tried few times .That is all. So I take more time to cook.Whatever my Amma/MIL cooks in an hour I take 2 hours. I get up at 4 most days. Before going to bed I make plans. I decide what needs to be done for next day (breakfast and lunch) Since we leave early around 7 AM, we carry both breakfast and lunch. So everyday I have to make 4-5 dishes in the morning. I make plans at night itself ,what all should be cooked, in which order so that I can cook faster using minimum paathram. Again I love this planning (OK I am liking it now as I have just started 😛 )

OK. Cooking is OK.

But I think I need to plan about this blog marathon too. I have not replied to the comments for the past 4-5 days. I need to plan, take some time and write something good (try!) and respond to comments.


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  1. Same same with me. I too used to plan during my school days and stopped it a bit during college and started it back again after marriage. Most of the times, I have sleepless nights as I would be clueless as to what to prepare for the next day. Initially it was all good, but as days went by.. i too went out of ideas and cooking planning started scaring me. Getting S’s help is of no use. If I ask him what to cook, he says one standard answer – “ethaachum”. Arggghhhh!

  2. Same pinch.

    On days when I have to manage the kitchen alone, I plan about the breakfast, lunch and dinner beforehand. Makes things easy and quick 😉

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