Idli maavu blogging

I am preparing idli maavu as I am typing this post. I thought saturdays and sundays are holidays for blog marathon too. At 11 PM I had a doubt and checked and everyone has posted something new today.I don’t want to miss so starting to type at 11 PM – half asleep, multi tasking.

My weekends go faster than weekdays. Today morning I got up at 7:30, cleaned the kitchen and then started preparing breakfast. We had plans to go out in the morning.So I started making lunch also side by side.Then our plan got changed but by 10 AM both lunch and breakfast were ready πŸ˜€ Β We had breakfast around 10:30.

My hair is falling like crazy. Since nothing is working to control hair fall , I decided to cut the length of my hair so that atleast the volume of fallen hair will look less and I won’t be stressed looking at it(Its 11 PM I have the right to blabber πŸ˜› ).I went to a nearby parlor and for the first time the parlor lady , looking at my hair, instead of suggesting some spa/treatment etc she just said ‘Madam Please drink more water’. After the hair cut session I came home and drank half a litre of water and then boiled rice for lunch. We had a heavy lunch that I could not get up for a while.I felt like a paper weight .Then we both watched a movie and later I took bath (its holiday) and we went to Anjaneya Swamy temple.

I had got some gift coupons ,so we went for shopping and came back at 10:30. Now I am doing idli maavu blogging (sometimes typing in one hand and checking maavu status with other hand..shabba). One half of weekend is already over. Have a good sunday people! Tata!


11 thoughts on “Idli maavu blogging

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  1. I checked 8 times today for your post. Now, I thought of checking for one last time before going to sleep and yessss there is a post. Now I concluded that hereafter I will visit your blog after 11 p.m. πŸ™‚

  2. Idli maavu preparation at 11pm.. SS – idhu too much-a theriyalaya?
    even I had the same doubt whether the challenge includes weekend posting.. hmm looks like all are posting.. happy other half of weekend..

  3. I forgot that I had soaked the rice one day. Suddenly at 12 in the night, I jump off from my bed like an elastic and ran to the kitchen. Since it was just Zack and me that time at home, I prepared the maav using mixie.

    So totally understand that idli maav can be done at anytime πŸ˜‰

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