Six minutes of joblessness

Start :-

1. I have to respond to the comments.I have not done yet.

2. I have to complete my project line item this week. I have become so lazy.

3.What ringtone is that? Sounds cute Smiley

4. *cling cling* sound?  Someone is having breakfast at desk.

5. Teammate G looks cute today 🙂

6. Is my manager looking at my screen? Smiley

7. itching Smiley

8. Upma was good.Not sure if I am fully full.Should have taken more Smiley

9. Hope it doesnot rain today.Forgot to bring my umbrella.

10. Need to make something simple for dinner tonight Smiley

11. who is coughing Smiley

12. My stomach is aching.

13. Wow I am getting so many ideas for this 30-day marathon blogging Smiley

14. Team lead asking something Smiley

15. Responding Smiley

16. I am thirsty

17 . I am scared of cabs suddenly Smiley

18. No. 18

19. I should reduce chocolate intake.

20. Oops I left half a bar of bournville in chennai. Hope no one finds it.

21. *looking around*

22. Someone is pressing spacebar continuously Smiley

23. 😦 I don’t have any topic in mind.How am I gonna write continuously for 30 days! Smiley

24. Office is calm today

25. I don’t like this guy x.

26. I am sleepy Smiley

27. 3 more days for weekend . yay! Smiley

28. I miss the sound of opening and closing a pencil box. I want pencil box.


Since I did not have any organized thought I just wrote down the thoughts that came in my mind for the last 6 minutes. Now I have a topic for tomorrow and day after. huhaha 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Six minutes of joblessness

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  1. Only u cud hv pulled this,.. 🙂 really thanks for making me smile when I was furious in office n frowning n fuming on someone.. do visit my space too for all u know I may also include this mindless mixture as a blog in between ha ha ah:)

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