A new post !

* My cooking skills are getting better. My stomach is able to digest and I can feel hunger.

* My work is going crazy. All day meetings. After a point I get lost and people are asking me questions!

* I fell down yesterday while walking and result -> scratched knee. I feel like a kid now 😀  Strangely feeling good.

* I found some car drivers who are trying to kill me. Seriously. I tried crossing the road the other day when signal was red and a car driver hit the accelerator suddenly. There was not much space for him to move but still he tried his best to kill me. I ran away. huhahaha 👿

* I am reading Ramayanam by Ramesh Menon and I am loving it. It takes 45-60 minutes one way to my office and I am using the time well. Since my amma is not in town now, reading this book plus listening to this calms my mind. Esp the song – I don’t have words to describe the feeling everytime I listen to it. Thanks MS amma for the song and thanks to SnS for the book.

* Yesterday when crossing the road, I suddenly got confused and stood midway. A cute guy in the car smiled and waved at me asking me to go first.

* I actually wanted to tell you a good news but did not know how to start so started writing some random stuff. OK now I will just tell you the good news. ok… Ok.. I am getting married.This november! Wedding preparation is going on. I am excited, but at times there are problems dancing in front of me. So you know I am just going crazy. Wish me luck. And please please pray for me. 😀 I love you all.





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  1. Ahhh finally! You let the cat out of the bag-eh?! 😉 Congrats.. Congrats! All problems will be sorted out! Don’t worry! So so happy for you! 🙂

    And, you talk about cute guys in the same post where you give your wedding news.. Huh?! Kids these days, I say! 🙂

  2. OMG u first write all these random stuff and save the Best news until the end haan.. Who else but u only can do somehting like this… Many Many congrats to u dear!! So finally u found the special someone!1 Disappointed that there are not much details mentioned abt the special news,,, Good luch n my prayers are always with u and the Guy who is going to marry you!! 🙂

  3. Hai Ma! dont give a shock…you are getting married..seriously…I mean seriously???? saachmein…*Goes away in shock*

    Errr..comes back and says CONGRATS babes..thats super great!

    Errr..anything for the wedding you need from Bombay?

  4. Hey congratulations and celebrations…
    Babes am so happy for you..so when do we get to see his pic..
    and hear your love story,bolo bolo 🙂

  5. So so so happy for you SS, many congratulations!! 😀 With the last point, you made me forget every other point you wrote above 😛 congratulations again!! 😀 but but but… isnt this a very late info? Wedding is in November and your update in on your blog only in September… not fair I say!! 😛

  6. Whaaaaaaat? yes that was my reaction on reading your last point.
    OK since I am back to my senses, congratulations sweetie… sending loads of good wishes your way 🙂
    Now, come on be a darling and share more about the wedding and your prince charming, September is almost halfway and we are getting this BIG news now 😥 😥
    Be a darling and start typing details right away 😀 😀
    soooooooooooooo happy for you 🙂

  7. Awesome awesome news!!! When in nov ? Where ???I am coming to India in oct-nov. hopefully I can have a kalyana sapadu and of course attend the wedding 🙂
    Now u better email me the full story ok !!

  8. While reading the post, my expression was a mixture of 🙂 😀 😆 😀 😆

    At the end of the post, it was 😯 😎 😛

    Now we can start pulling your leg 😈 No? Ok 😀 😀

    So happy for you SS, so thats why your recent posts mention cooking huh 😉 Dont worry, be calm – prayers are with you 🙂

    Kalyanam yenge, yeppo?? Sapadu menu?? :mrgreen:

  9. HI Summerscript! This is my first visit here to congratulate you on your marriage! RM’s disclaimer on his twisted limp really got me ed up so came here to wish you as well! Lots of good wishes! 🙂 – Sreetama

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