A new post !

* My cooking skills are getting better. My stomach is able to digest and I can feel hunger.

* My work is going crazy. All day meetings. After a point I get lost and people are asking me questions!

* I fell down yesterday while walking and result -> scratched knee. I feel like a kid now 😀  Strangely feeling good.

* I found some car drivers who are trying to kill me. Seriously. I tried crossing the road the other day when signal was red and a car driver hit the accelerator suddenly. There was not much space for him to move but still he tried his best to kill me. I ran away. huhahaha 👿

* I am reading Ramayanam by Ramesh Menon and I am loving it. It takes 45-60 minutes one way to my office and I am using the time well. Since my amma is not in town now, reading this book plus listening to this calms my mind. Esp the song – I don’t have words to describe the feeling everytime I listen to it. Thanks MS amma for the song and thanks to SnS for the book.

* Yesterday when crossing the road, I suddenly got confused and stood midway. A cute guy in the car smiled and waved at me asking me to go first.

* I actually wanted to tell you a good news but did not know how to start so started writing some random stuff. OK now I will just tell you the good news. ok… Ok.. I am getting married.This november! Wedding preparation is going on. I am excited, but at times there are problems dancing in front of me. So you know I am just going crazy. Wish me luck. And please please pray for me. 😀 I love you all.





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