It’s all about her

This one is for Seema, who is missing my amma (hmmpff).


I don’t know who taught her this sudden good habit these days my amma ends her call with a THANK YOU!

Amma:Hello (from chennai)

Me: Hi Amma

Amma:Had lunch kanna?

Me: Yessu

Amma:What did you make?

Me: Jeera rasam

Amma: Don’t make the easy ones always.When will you learn to make sambhar, koottu and all. And please prepare some veggies too.

Me: ooookk ma

Amma: Don’t be lazy. Tomorrow when you get married you will have more responsibilities, you have to cook , work. You need strength.

Me: oooooooook ma

Amma: Did you add salt correctly?

Me: Yes ma πŸ˜€ Perfect

Amma: ok. How many times you added salt?

Me: err.. I wanted to be careful so added little first ,tasted it and added more..Like that mmm 7 times ma πŸ˜€ ehehehehe

Amma: Ayyooo.. Learn it. You should measure with your eyes and add it in one go. Only then tomorrow when you make it for 4, 8, 12 people you will be able to judge how much salt you need to add and all.

Me: ooooooook. But I am just being cautious.

Amma: No. Its the wrong way!

Me: Seri. ok. I will try.

Amma: Eat properly . Clean kitchen sink and wash basin. Keep the vessels in place.

Me: oooooooooo kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Amma: Take care. THANK YOU. bye


Everyday after reaching officeΒ  I have to give her a missed call. And if she is out of town I have to give a missed call after reaching home too. She calculates time and waits patiently for extra ten minutes. Then panic only.

That day I reached office, saw aloo parata in canteen and forgot to give missed call ok. She was not in town.After sometime I get a missed call from her.Then only it strikes me and I give her a missed call again indicating I reached safe πŸ˜‰ . But looks like she is not happy. I get another missed call from her. I call.

Me: Hello ma.. what happened why orey missed calling?

Amma: Why didn’t you give me a missed call after reaching office?

Me: Sorry ma. I forgot.

Amma: ok ok I got scared. That is why I gave you the first missed call.

Me: ok ok. Ya then I gave you one missed call no. Why did you give me another missed call?

Amma: The missed call you gave was for my missed call only na. “I reached safe” missed call you never gave.

Me: πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

Amma: ok ok. Take care. Thank You . Bye.


Sometimes she calls , says whatever she wanted to say and ‘tok’Β  hangs. Never waits for a response.

Amma: Hello

Me: He..

Amma: Don’t buy curd from outside. prepare it at home. Drink milk. take care. Thank you . bye,

Me: o..

Amma: “tok” beep beep beep

Me: !!


She expects me to give a missed call as soon as I reach the destination,but when I expect the same she gives awesome excuses. As soon as she sees her sister she forgets everything.

Me: Hello Amma (shouting on phone)

Amma: (hahahaha in the background) Yesss

Me: You reached?

Amma: haaha…long back, train reached early you know!

Me: Oho. Where is the missed call madam?

Amma: oh.. I gave you a missed call. You didn’t get it.

Me: !!!!


I am coming back from office

Amma: Hello

Me: Enna ma?

Amma: You had good lunch today?What time will you reach home?

Me: Will reach in 15 mins

Amma: oh ok. Are you hungry?

Me: No ma.

Amma: Are you very hungry? You sound hungry.

Me: mm.. yes a little

Amma: You must be very hungry kanna. Buy two samosas and kachoris from our fav shop ok. We will have a late dinner πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Me: πŸ˜€ ok ma

Have a good weekend !! πŸ™‚








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  1. Amma’s are amma’s.. for me its not missed call, i have to call everyday.. this has not stopped from college, now it continues even after i got a job, got married and now with kid to i have to do this ritual.
    i liked the adding salt part.. amma is too cute.. πŸ™‚

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