Abnormally normal

1. Sometimes in bus, I hear people talking loud. Talking loud (in a language I can understand) about their personal problems/opinion on something. Some of these talks sound so different/funny/interesting to me that I immediately feel like blogging about it. But when I come and sit down, a doubt enters my mind – “what if they accidentally land up on my blog and find out their that their personal stuff is made public! – I think think and think and at the end sometimes I write,most of the times I skip.

2. I have had a weird dream (occurred 2-3 times) .In that someone who blogs sees me in a bus doing something stupid (control your thoughts eh) like for eg the other day I fell on someone’s lap . Someone (who does not know me)notices it and finds it funny and blogs about it. And I “accidentally” land up on their blog read about myself and in comments section I type “That was ME ME ME” and we become thick friends. 🙄 After the dream I usually get up and think (sigh!) what if I had done something wrong and they blog angrily about me. Will I type “ME ME ME” in comments section or will I just say “Huh Its soo wrong at many levels ,just kill her I say!”

These two thoughts come and go,but not often.Rarely.Now tell me ..

Am I normal??? Thinking Smiley

Am I Normal???? Confused Smiley

Tell me I am Normal!!! Praying Smiley



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I am kcab!!!


I think I will be regular again!! chee yow!!! Enjoy your evening!


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