I was leaving to my hometown, my bus was waiting for few more passengers. I saw a man, very well dressed – a neat shirt and nice jean, nice shoes. He was lying on the ground next to a ditch. At first I thought he must have fainted or something due to sickness. Then I saw another person carrying a bisleri bottle, he came close to that nicely dressed(ND) man poured water on his face. ND shook his face and hands as if he is shooing away the mosquitoes. Standing man kept on pouring water and finally this ND guy got up .Only then I realized that he was drunk and not sick.

We all might have seen this kind of scene many times. Atleast I have seen many times people lying at the corner of the road, fully drunk , lost in their dreamland.

Anyway, my idle brain started thinking after seeing that scene . Yes yes I think a lot when it is not required. I was just thinking about what would these people be thinking before you know falling on the ground andΒ  going into hibernate state.

Thought #1 – geologist:-

OMG! The earth has started rotating.Yes,I can see it. I should hold onto something so that I don’t fall off when it turns. Let me hold on to the earth itself tightt. **thud**

Thought #2 – Oops! I forgot my map:-

Standing in the middle of the road at ‘Y’ junction, Should I go left or right?I don’t want to decide now. Let me sleep here and decide in the morning. **thud**

Thought #3 – Illusionist/Optimist :-

Ahh! What a nice cozy bed (concrete slab) that too by the river (ditch) side. Let me sleep here tonight. **thud**

Thought #4 – Poet :-

(Sing along) The sky is blueee, the bird just fleww, tu tu toooo.. **thud**

Thought #5 – Turn off your brain when not in use.Conserve energy :-

walk.walk.walk.stop. **thud**

Thought #6 – Follow traffic rules :-

Hmm..I should not drink and drive. Let me park myself here tonight. I will drive home in the morning. **thud**

Thought #7 – Rolling pin- not just for making roti :-

Noooo..If I go home, my wife will beat me with chappathi kattai (rolling pin). **thud**


P.S. Just for fun OK!


16 thoughts on “Reasoning..

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  1. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† super – o – super imagination πŸ˜€ The cartoon is so good, especially the stage 3 and 4 paravasa nilai.. hahahaha πŸ˜€ i can so imagine that happening many times… once a drunken man got into his paravasa nilai and started controlling the traffic.. on a busy junction(avane thattu thallaaditu irunthan!! ) He didnt stop even after the real traffic police came πŸ˜›

  2. oh god.. wait
    I have to do it .. RIGHT here I go


    wow lovely cartoon tooo .. thank you for all the laughsssssssssssssssssssss the stages we have something similar in punjabi too will put it up someday πŸ™‚

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