How do you express Anger?

We all get angry, sometimes with our close friend, sometimes with people we like, with the government, with a stranger who acts weird in a bus.The way we express our anger differs from person to person. At my home itself, I have seen different varieties.

My Chithi- all she does is clenches her teeth. No yelling No shouting mostly. Even if there is shouting just one sentence thats it. Her patience is something beyond my understanding. How can anyone be so patient!!!

My uncle – His anger is the worst kind. Harsh Words! He is a very good person. But when he is angry, he turns into a different person.

My BIL – No words, Only action. Whatever is in his hand will fly and die. But he aims only the walls not people.

My friend – No words, No dramatic actions. All he does is little bit raise in voice. That too you need skills to understand whether he is angry or there is some network problem.

My not even 2 years old niece – Ennatha solla, that day she broke a milk bikis biscuit when I refused to show her baa baa blacksheep on my laptop ๐Ÿ™„


In my 45 minutes bus journey today, I alasi araanjufied (means I did some serious investigation) my case . This is what I found out. I am a failure case. At the max I have been able to display my anger correctly only like 10% of the times.

1.There is a serious problem, a wrong connection between the “cry” and “show anger” part of my brain. Mostly I end up crying. But not proper crying. It will be a mixture , such that both crying is also not done properly, showing off anger is also messed up big time.

Sometimes when I am angry, I prepare myself. As in what should I talk, What the subject (person whom I am angry with) would say ๐Ÿ™„ , how the subject will get scared and apologize ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ and all. But because of the above said defect, the whole scenario turns out to be something like this.

(Lets imagine that I am angry and all I want to say is “Why this kolaveri” , simple right ! )

Me:- Arggg,, I am soo Angry.. sooo Sooooo <tears activated> Aunngreeee

Subject :- What happenend ?

Me:-ย  All becaaaae aaf yooooo ๐Ÿ˜ฅ , waiii theeees kozha veeeeeee

Subject:- mm, purila ma (not getting)

Me: waiiiiii theeee kozhaaaย  var eeeeeeeeeuuuooooo ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Subject :- Ennadhu kozha la thee varudha!! (What!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Fire is coming from the tap-ah!) ( Kozha – tap, thee -fire)

Me:- !!!


2. I imagine things. I am in a bus I see someone is misbehaving. I cannot directly go and shout. But I have to vent out my anger. I imagine. I imagine holding his hair with both hands, the leather seat in bus on which he is sitting turns into an iron seat.I hold his hair tight and bang his head on the seat, non -stop. But in my imagination I never see his face suffering or in pain. I see only my face , teeth clenched , red with anger!!!




3. When I don’t get a chance to show off my anger, it reflects in my dreams. Yes. I feel all my energy travelling from my finger tips , fromย  my feet to my right hand. My right hand becomes heavy, face turns into bright red, teeth clenches..


Slowly I take my arm back 90 degrees, 180 degrees..more more… With all my energy I bring down my heavy arm, I slap the subject (never seen the subject’s face here).But I told you I am a failure. Mysteriously, when my hand reaches the subject, all my energy vanishes and there is no actual slapping. I just pat the subject thats all. Where did all my energy go? I stand confused!!!


In spite of all these hurdles, if I manage to express my anger, next thing I will be down with guilt and start apologizing to the subject.


P.S. I have not yet replied to your comments, will do it soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Aiyoo Raamaa times of India

Reporting from chennai.. ๐Ÿ˜€


I am having super awesome time with my darling niece(N).We sing rhymes together, we play new new games , we run , we eat… fun fun fun

One fine evening, in the terrace, she was singing and playing Ringa Ringa Roses we were all sitting and chatting. It was so cute to watch that I went and started playing with her.

After 3 times, I felt dizzy,went and sat.

N: ech ech (SS), dinga dinga doches (She wanted to play Ringa Ringa Roses again)

Me: Okieee

We both went round and round and round. After some 7 times my head started rotating faster than the earth. I could see US and Australia. But madam ji was not tired.I tried distracting her showing kaakaa s and aeroplanes. unhunn.. No we were focussed you see.

N: ech echchch , dinga dinga doches , vaaaaaaaa.

Me : Aiyyo Rama (but a sweeter aiyyo ramaย  ๐Ÿ™‚ )


There is an underpass very close to my house. One day when I was coming back from office, I was walking towards a hot chips shop. Already I was in a big confusion OK whether to buy fryums or masala chips or salted chips. Suddenly some guy called me.

Guy: Excuse me, I came by bus.I just came under the pass . Now how do I go under? ? ? (with lot of actions)

Me: ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ !?!?!???!!!

After a pause

Guy: Ah! Do you understand English?

Me: !! Aiyyoo Ramaa!

While typing this I feel that I have already told you about this incident. Did I? or was it in my dream? Aiyoo Ramaa!


I have a dull white cotton pant.One day I neatly ironed it and wore it to office. In chennai heat it was so comfortable.But on the way, I was put in shared-auto mixer grinder and the outcome- My pant looked like it was straight out of washing machine.In office,

Friend 1 : what are you wearing?

Before I could answer,

friend 2: why are you wearing a Night Pant !

Me: Aiyoo Ramaa!!


I am working from chennai for few days, new office new people. I have few friends there though. One of my friend’s teammate came to me.

F: Hi,Do you have a hairpin?

My mind voice: What! I don’t even know her, why is she asking meee? Poor thing She must be really hungry.

Me: mm no, sorry,I don’t have an apple.

F: Aiyoo Ramaa!!!





I was leaving to my hometown, my bus was waiting for few more passengers. I saw a man, very well dressed – a neat shirt and nice jean, nice shoes. He was lying on the ground next to a ditch. At first I thought he must have fainted or something due to sickness. Then I saw another person carrying a bisleri bottle, he came close to that nicely dressed(ND) man poured water on his face. ND shook his face and hands as if he is shooing away the mosquitoes. Standing man kept on pouring water and finally this ND guy got up .Only then I realized that he was drunk and not sick.

We all might have seen this kind of scene many times. Atleast I have seen many times people lying at the corner of the road, fully drunk , lost in their dreamland.

Anyway, my idle brain started thinking after seeing that scene . Yes yes I think a lot when it is not required. I was just thinking about what would these people be thinking before you know falling on the ground andย  going into hibernate state.

Thought #1 – geologist:-

OMG! The earth has started rotating.Yes,I can see it. I should hold onto something so that I don’t fall off when it turns. Let me hold on to the earth itself tightt. **thud**

Thought #2 – Oops! I forgot my map:-

Standing in the middle of the road at ‘Y’ junction, Should I go left or right?I don’t want to decide now. Let me sleep here and decide in the morning. **thud**

Thought #3 – Illusionist/Optimist :-

Ahh! What a nice cozy bed (concrete slab) that too by the river (ditch) side. Let me sleep here tonight. **thud**

Thought #4 – Poet :-

(Sing along) The sky is blueee, the bird just fleww, tu tu toooo.. **thud**

Thought #5 – Turn off your brain when not in use.Conserve energy :-

walk.walk.walk.stop. **thud**

Thought #6 – Follow traffic rules :-

Hmm..I should not drink and drive. Let me park myself here tonight. I will drive home in the morning. **thud**

Thought #7 – Rolling pin- not just for making roti :-

Noooo..If I go home, my wife will beat me with chappathi kattai (rolling pin). **thud**


P.S. Just for fun OK!

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